What is matchflow in football betting market

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Matchflow is a double market that predicts what will be the first scoring action of the game and who will win the game.  
There are 7 options for every game:
For example, if Barcelona is playing with Real Madrid, the match flow markets will be:

Match flow for match between Real Madrid and Barcelona

1. Barcelona verses Real Madrid. HOME TEAM SCORES FIRST AND WINS
2. Barcelona verses Real Madrid. HOME TEAM SCORES FIRST AND AWAY WINS
3.      Barcelona verses Real Madrid    HOME TEAM SCORES FIRST AND DRAW
4. Barcelona verses Real Madrid.  AWAY TEAM SCORES FIRST AND WINS

Barcelona verses Real Madrid. AWAY TEAM SCORES FIRST AND HOME WINS
6. Barcelona verses Real Madrid.  AWAY TEAM SCORES FIRST AND DRAW
7. Barcelona verses Real Madrid. 

Matchflow market options you can choose.

Therefore the punter has all the options of which team will

score first, and which team will then go on to win the game.
Please note this is a 90 minute market, and does not include Extra Time or Penalties taken after the final whistle.
If there are no goals in the game then the winning option will be NO GOAL.
To find this market on the  betKing website’s or mobile app, look for the match and scroll to the MATCH FLOW market.
Another example

This bet-type is a combination of the Match Result and First Team to Score markets.

 What is matchflow in football betting market

Matchflow between Arsenal and any team

For example – “Arsenal scores first and Draw” means that Arsenal’s scores the first goal and the match ends in a Draw. “Arsenal scores first and Arsenal” means that Arsenal scores the first goal and Arsenal win the match.

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Best free football prediction site

If you’re looking to reduce your losses or avoiding them completely, here are 5 betting markets to try instead:

  1. Goals

Manchester City have lost two games in quick succession. But both games have seen 8 goals in total. That’s an average of 4 goals per game or should we say Over 3,5 Goals per game.

Only one Boxing Day fixture in the PL ended with less than Over 1,5 goals.

In the Serie A, Juventus’ draw against Atalanta must have been costly. But if you had gone for the goals, it’d have been a different case as the game ended 2-2.How many goals will be scored in the game between Liverpool and Arsenal?
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2. Corner Kicks

The exciting thing about betting on NairaBET is you’re spoilt with a variety of options. And these options include betting on corner-kicks.

As much as you can bet on the total number of corner-kicks to be played in a game, you can also predict the number of corner-kicks that a team will play.

3. MatchFlow

In this market, there are six options to choose from:

  • Awayteam Scores First And Away
  • Awayteam Scores First And Draw
  • Awayteam Scores First And Home
  • Hometeam Scores First And Away
  • Hometeam Scores First And Draw
  • Hometeam Scores First And Home
  • No Goal

The Lazio vs. Torino game is one of the last Series A games of the year.
Which of these options will happen in the game?
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Matchflow betting market
Matchflow betting market

4. To Score First Goal

If you’re pretty sure that a goal will be scored in a game, this is the market for you. This market is most suitable for any football game. You know why?

The ultimate goal of a football game if for a goal (or goals) to be scored (pun intended). Instead of betting on Over 0,5 Goals, you can predict which team will score first in the game.

5. Goals Difference

You can also predict the goals difference of the final score line. You can bet on a range of differences, from 0-0 to 4+.

Spice up the remaining days of 2018 and the whole of 2019 by trying out these other football betting markets.