What is Eric Abidal religion?

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Abidal was raised in a Catholic family and converted to Islam in his 20s. He married former Algerian gymnast Hayet Kebir in 2003, fathering five children Méliana, Canélia, Leyna, Kenya and Edan.

Eric abidal with his wife
Eric abidal with his wife

Eric Sylvian Abidal is a French former professional football player. Eric Sylvian Abidal plays for the French national team as a left-back or center-back. He is also the former player of Lyon and Barcelona. Eric Sylvian Abidal was born on 11 September 1979 in Saint-Genis-Laval, in France.

Eric Abidal started his career in football at a very young age where he plays for AS Lyon, an amateur team in the suburbs. He was then transferred to AS Monaco FC to start his professional career on 16 September 2000. His first game was against Toulouse FC where he led his team to a 3-0 home win.