What European based footballers should do after visiting nigeria

January 16, 2020 Off By Oha

What European based super eagles football players should do before or after visiting Nigeria. Some Foreign based Nigeria football players falls sick after visiting Nigeria. But there’s some preventive measures to take to avoid falling sick.

Because of mosquito bite in Nigeria many players has fallen victim. After enjoying their holiday season back in Africa in unhygienic environment.

For prevention,the player visiting Nigeria and other African countries should take malaria prophylaxis. Malaria prophylaxis helps people visiting Nigeria to be immune against malaria.

If you decided to leave for European should treat malaria in Nigeria. Or you take some anti Malaria drugs. This is necessary because many European doctor find difficult to treat malaria. You know in Nigeria is a common sickness. People buy antimalaria medicine are sold over the counter. It normally takes three days to complete the full dose. But if you try to treat in Europe,Doctors over there take it as strand illness. Because it is common in European countries.