Vic Fangio: Fans have “every right to boo”

October 19, 2019 Off By Oha
Broncos fans boo their team

As the Broncos saw their game against the Chiefs go south even after quarterback Patrick Mahomes exited with injury, Denver fans got upset. Very upset.

On Friday, Broncos coach Vic Fangio said that he had no problem with the negativity.

“With that performance, they have every right to be angry and they have every right to boo,” Fangio told reporters of Friday. “We probably deserved it. It’s a loyal fan base and one that I’ve grown quickly to appreciate. We’re doing everything we can to get this fixed as quickly as possible.”

The fixes won’t include a change at quarterback, even if the angry fans would welcome it. Fangio said that a quarterback change isn’t under consideration.

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Starter Joe Flacco has been criticized not only for his play but also for his demeanor, which reflected no emotion as the game fell apart for the home team.

“That is Joe,” Fangio said. “Like I think I’ve told you guys before, when things are going good, he’s like that. He’s Joe Cool. When things are going bad, it’s a lack of intensity. It’s a lack of enthusiasm. I think that’s just going to continue to be the dialogue as it relates to Joe Flacco and his career.”

It’s unclear how much longer his career will last. Based on last night’s showing, maybe not much longer.