Top 10 Nigerian richest footballers and their cars

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Richest footballers in Nigeria are known from their assets. Football is no longer a sport for people without future ambitions. Today, many sponsors, business people and game lovers are pumping in millions of dollars for profit or simply for their personal satisfaction. This has raised the status of football players from uneducated people to some of the most famous people in the world. The game has now become one with 22 billionaires running after a ball. Nigeria beat Benin in AF con 2021 qualifiers

In Nigeria, there are some of Africa’s richest football players, and everyone does not hesitate to showcase their millionaire assets. Let’s explore today the ten richest footballers in Nigeria and their cars.

John Mikel Obi

Mikel’s car

John Obi Mikel is the captain of the Super Eagles since Vincent Enyeama resigned from international football years ago. Previously, he earned about a billion naira a year when
he played for English football club Chelsea. Later, he moved to Tianjin Teda, a Chinese club that offered him more than twice his Chelsea salary. Currently, John Mikel Obi is the richest football player in Nigeria with more than 3.6 billion naira a year.

The 32-year-old midfielder is engaged to the daughter of a Russian oil magnate, Olga, and drives a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with 45 million euros, a Bentley Continental GT with 75 million euros and the latest Range Rover Sport.

Obafemi Martins

Obafemi Martin’s car

Obafemi Martins, popularly known as the Obagoal, was once Nigeria’s fastest player and a goal that threatens his opponents. He began his football career at AC Milan, where he scored countless goals and later moved to England. At the moment he is no longer playing for the Nigerian Super Eagles, but he is still in the first league in China, Shanghai Shenshua. He is married, has children and earns over 2.4 billion naira each year with the Chinese club. He also earns money with endorsements and companies in Nigeria.

Obagoal drives a Ferrari Lusso with 65 million euros, a BMW X6, a Porsche Gemballa, Mercedes Benz Mclaren and a Lamborghini Gallardo with 115 million euros.

Odion Ighalo

Ighalo’s car

When Odion Ighalo made a name for himself in the football scene with England’s Watford, nobody knew that he was on the list of the richest Nigerian footballers. Later, he signed for 20 million pounds (about 9 billion naira) for the high-profile Chinese football club Chang Chan Yatai. This not only made him one of the most expensive Nigerian players, but also the highest-paid player. The deal with the club comes with an annual whooping cough of 4.8 billion naira.

The enormous income of Odion Ighalo has made him a bit extravagant, as he does not hesitate to raise the funds for luxury cars like the 15 million euro Range Rover Sport or the 32 million euro expensive Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

Vincent Enyeama

Vincent enyeama’scar

The best Nigerian player of all time and the oldest Nigerian player in top football is Vincent Enyeama. Currently with Lille FC of France, the goalkeeper was once captain of the Nigerian senior national team – until 2015 when he had a quarrel with the then Nigerian coach. He is married, has children and was known for penalties in his early days in Israel.

He drives a coupe of the Range Rover Evoque and Mercedes Benz C-Class worth 25 million euros.

Victor Moses

Victor Moses’ car

Fifth place in our list of the 10 richest footballers in Nigeria is Chelsea player Victor Moses. The attacking Nigerian midfielder was a key player in the team of Antonio Conte and was only relegated to the bench in the new management. But that did not stop him from earning his weekly salary of 4.7 million naira. He still plays for the Nigerian Super Eagles A national team.

Victor Moses drives some of the best cars you can ever imagine, such as a 22 million euro Audi A8, a 15 million Euro Range Rover Sport, a Maserati and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth 42 million euros.

Ahmed Musa

Ahmed musa and his car

Ahmed Musa is currently the best Nigerian striker and plays in Al-Nassr, Saudi Arabia. He was hired by FC Leicester City for about 8 billion Naira and scored on his debut for the Saudi club. His welcome video also offers the highest number of views for all players in the club.

He owns a gas station in the state of Kano and drives one and a BMW i8, a Range Rover Sport worth 15 million euros and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth 42 million euros.
Emmanuel Emenike

Emmanuel emenike and his car

Anyone who has seen the Nigerian Super Eagles soar in the 2013 African Nations Cup will never forget Emmanuel Emenike. The star striker was crucial to the team’s victories. He has played for a number of clubs and raised money. He is currently seeking a move to the English Premier League, but has some supporters, a music label and a hotel in Nigeria. In his villa in the state of Imo, in 2018, the city will be talking about a bridge on the site.

He drives a bespoke Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth 45 million euros and a Range Rover Sport.

Victor Anichebe

Victor anichebe’s car

Victor Anichebe started as one of the best strikers for every FC in England. He rose and played in Asia and other parts of Europe. He once dated one of the Otedola daughters – Dj Cuppy. He had an injury that kept him away from the field for months, but still spent on houses and cars.

He drives a white Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth 42 million euros.

Kelechi Iheanacho

Kelechi Ihenacho and his car

There was a popular advertisement on television in 2018 where Kelechi Iheanacho said he could not afford to pay for a cable TV subscription, but now the whole world can see him on cable TV. This ad alone cost him millions of dollars. He loves to earn 4.8 million naira a week as a striker for FC Leicester City. He is very young and has many years to go.

The Imo-Star drives a Rolls Royce, a BMW i8 worth 12 million euros, a Mercedes C300 worth 18 million euros and a Range Rover

Alex Iwobi

Alex iwobi and his car

The Arsenal FC of England midfielder is the only Nigerian player to feature a first team jersey from a major European football club. Alex Iwobi is also Jay Jay Okocha’s cousin and lives in London with his sister and parents. He earns about 3.2 million naira per week.

Alex Iwobi drives a Mercedes-Benz convertible (about 25 million euros), a BMW 7 Series and a Range Rover.

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