Top 10 Heaviest soccer players in the World!

Top 10 Heaviest soccer players in the World!

October 22, 2019 Off By Oha

top 10 heaviest football players
Adebayo Akinfenwa heaviest soccer player

Let us look at the heaviest soccer players’ list in the world. Typically professional footballers are lean athletes with six-pack physiques but there are always exceptions to the rule. While most of these soccer players are in good shape, some should try losing a few pounds!. Adebayo Akinfenwa top the list heaviest footballers in the world with over 100 kg .

Thibaut Courtois is one of heaviest soccer players– 91 kg

The former Chelsea goalkeeper makes the list heaviest footballers mainly because of his height. Courtois is one of the heaviest goalkeepers in the world but he is by no means fate. The Belgian shot-stopper is nearly two metres tall and posses a bulky physique built from hard work in the gym.

Romelu Lukaku is the youngest heaviest soccer players– 94 kg

The 6’3” striker is a beast, weighing 94 kg, an absolute nightmare for defenders! Over the past two years, Lukaku has bulked up a lot to cope with the demands of the Premier League. Mourinho was concerned about Lukaku’s weight as it looks like he put on too much muscle. Carrying around extra muscle will cause him to some pace. Despite being one of the heaviest footballers in the world he was able to top goal scoring chat on serie A last season. He also scored on his debut return to Chelsea against arsenal.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 95 kg

Without a doubt, one of football’s most entertaining personalities. As the Swedish striker is well into his thirties, his metabolism is starting slow down causing him to put on an extra few pounds. This means Zlatan will need to spend more time in the gym to control his weight so he can prolong his career and reduce the chances of getting injured again.

Jannik Vestergaard – 96kg

Vestergaard stands tall at 1.99 metres, the perfect height for a defender so he can easily win headers without having to jump. In the summer he transferred to Southampton to help boost their chances of survival. The giant looks like he will be a great addition to the squad!

Lovre Kalinić – 96 kg

Kalinic is the second goalkeeper to make the top ten heaviest soccer players. The Croatian plays with Gent in Belgium and is the second choice keeper for the national team. His weight and height aren’t ideal for a keeper because they need to be lighter to maintain their reflexes.

Kim Shin-wook – 97 kg

Kim Shin-wook is another giant that makes the list. The Japanese forward is one of the most feared strikers in the K-League.

Harry Maguire – 98 kg

The Manchester United centre half doesn’t exactly look a professional soccer player because of his physique. Maguire does carry around some extra weight but it isn’t affecting his performances on the pitch.Manchester United latter sign him .

Not surprisingly Maguire is the heaviest soccer players in England national team by two kgs. He will need to cut back on the pies to help boost his chances of securing a move to a bigger club.

Roman Torres – 99 kg

Román Torres was officially the heaviest soccer player at the 2018 World Cup. The defender is from Panama and plays his club football in America with Seattle Sounders. Despite his weight, Torres still possess enough pace and athleticism to play at the highest level.

Christopher Samba – 100 kg

The heavyweight centre-back has become a journeyman over the past five years. Luckily he is now back in English football, playing with Aston Villa in the championship. Samba is a physical centre back, not afraid to get stuck in and assert his dominance. Who are the tallest and the smallest footballers playing and all time

Adebayo Akinfenwa is the heaviest soccer players in the world– 103 kg

Adebayo Akinfenwa tops the list as the heaviest professional soccer players list in the world. The striker has attracted a lot of attention for his unusual body shape. His heavy build is the polar opposite to the modern-day soccer players in 2019. Despite all the talk about his physique, Akinfenwa is a decent soccer player. Currently, he plays with Wycombe Wanders and scored 17 goals last season. For a man of his size that is an incredible feat!. Because of his body size he was never invited to national team match.