The world oldest competitive sports

Wrestling is the oldest competitive sports in the old Greece,Rome and other ancient counties.
  Wrestling has been an Olympic sport since the first ancient Greek Olympic Games that took place in 708 B.C. Greece have dip respect for strong wrestlers. 

Among the most respected wrestlers is the two ancient Greek wrestlers that are remembered today are Leontiskos of Messene and Milo of Croton . Leontiskos is infamous for winning the Olympics after breaking his opponent’s fingers, and Milo is famous for winning five Olympic championships.
This sport was also one of the key competitions at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. Nowadays, Greco-Roman wrestling is still an Olympic sport, and the nations dominating in it include the Russian Federation and the United States. Wrestling in Africa is the only medium villagers and other clans know strong men among them.There are several nations in the world that have wrestling as a national sport. Other nations that participate in this game include Turkey, Iran and Mongolia.
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