The three biggest losers in 2026/2016 Epl competition

Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City put to shame by Bournemouth in value for money league
The Cherries’ squad represented the best value for money this season but Chelsea did not get as much bang for their buck
Bournemouth’s Steve Cook celebrates his winning goal
Leicester may have deservedly won the Premier League by a whopping 10 point margin, but when it comes to value for money for each point earned, it is Bournemouth who top the table – and there is more bad news for the big clubs.
According to the CIES Football Observatory, Bournemouth’s team cost £26.4 million so each of their 42 points won cost £600,000.
Leicester’s £52.8 million squad spend sees them come in at second with £700,000 per point but the real losers were three of the big clubs – Manchester United (squad cost £391.1m), Chelsea (squad cost £298.7m) and Manchester City (squad cost £411m).
All three forked out around ten times the amount the Cherries did for each point they earned. There is even some consolation for relegated Norwich who finished fifth using this calculation.
Champions Leicester can also claim another title. They had the best value for money per final league position.
The Foxes spent just £52.8 million to secure their top placed finish. Using that ratio (position:squad cost), Chelsea would have had to spend £2.688 billion to have secured top spot. Bournemouth were second on this calculation with Liverpool and United in the relegation zone.
While the final positions in the actual league are all important on the terraces, there may be some in stadium boardrooms who study the Value for Money leagues a little carefully too.
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