The sins of ousmane Dembele

October 26, 2018 Off By Oha
Attitudes on the French end hurt his evolution at FC Barcelona.
Ousmane Dembélé Photo: FC Barcelona.
In recent days,Ousmane Dembéléhas returned to the news due to his behavior outside the field. In the recent league match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla , the excessive tranquility of the French player to replace the injured Messi angered Ernesto Valverde and teammates like Ivan Rakitic.
Last Wednesday, in the Champions League match between Barça and Inter Milan , the Cuatro chain caughtDembélé arriving by car at Camp Nou with 25 minutes behind the time set by Valverde. The French winger did not participate in the match by technical decision.
The newspaper El País reveals thatDembélé has caused other extra-sports problems since his signing for Barça in the summer of 2017. He did not follow the food advice, until the club decided that a French chef would personally take care of this issue. The aforementioned newspaper adds that Dembélé has not been punctual in some training sessions, has made trips without knowledge of those responsible for Barça and has not been committed to the club’s commercial activities.