The main reason maurizio sarri was sacked from Napoli

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Chelsea news: Maurizio Sarri fell out with Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis (Image: Getty)
The Chelsea boss was finally appointed at Stamford Bridge earlier this month after a drawn out departure from the Italian side.
Sarri’s relationship with Napoli chief De Laurentiis became fractured towards the end of his Serie A tenure, despite guiding his side to a second-place finish.
And the president has been explaining why he chose to replace Sarri with Carlo Ancelotti earlier this summer, hinting that the 59-year-old was becoming over-confident.
“Argument with Sarri? If you have players with 60 million clauses and you do not play them, you damage yourself and the team, you do not use the potential and end up being out of the cups because nobody wins two competitions with 12 or 13 players,” De Laurentiis told La Verita.

Chelsea news: Aurelio De Laurentiis has criticised Sarri publicly since his exit (Image: Getty)

Sarri had entered the stage where the coach thinks high of himself
Aurelio De Laurentiis

“I realised it was over with Sarri when he said to me: ‘I do not know if I can do better with these players.’
“Sarri had entered the stage where the coach thinks high of himself.
“I have asked what he wanted to do this year until the last game, but I did not get an answer.
“I noticed a certain ineducation in this silence, but I did not offend his genius and monothematic, I saw him play in one way.

Chelsea news: Maurizio Sarri has been working with his new side for the past month (Image: Getty)

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New Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri takes a tour of Cobham [Chelsea FC via Getty Images]

“Let’s see what he will do in England.”
De Laurentiis is a notably tricky customer to deal with.
The Napoli bigwig has already warned Sarri against signing any more Napoli players after the departure of Jorginho