Tax evasion: José Mourinho denied tax evasion accusations

MOURINHO the Manchester united manager has released a statement to deny wrong on accusation of tax fraud


José MOURINHO has said he has “not received any notification” from the Spanish tax authorites over allegations he owes £2.9m in unpaid monies.

The Manchester United boss released a statement tonight to state that “neither the Spanish tax authorities nor the public prosecutor have contacted him or his advisers”.
Jose Mourinho is the latest football star to be accused of owing the Spanish taxman
He has gone on to deny any wrongdoing, and went on to detail what he spent on taxes during his time living in Spain between 2010 and 2013.
In the statement, that has been shared by BBC reporter Dan Roan on Twitter, Mourinho states that the Tax Department “issued a certificate in which it attested that he had regularised his position and was in compliance with all his tax obligations”.
A prosecutor said that Mourinho did not declare income from use of his image rights in order to gain an “illicit benefit”.
Mourinho was accused of defrauding £1,419,717.66 (€1,611,537) in 2011 and £1,491,601.39 (€1,693,133) in 2012 from his personal income tax (known as IRPF in Spain), while in charge of Los Blancos.
He will appear in court at the end of July to defend himself, although there is no formal charge at this stage.
Ronaldo is said to have taken advantage of what is known in Spain as “the Beckham law”.
It allows foreign athletes to pay 24.75 per cent income tax, rather than the 48 per cent tax that Spanish nationals have to pay.
Athletes must pay taxes on other income earned in Spain.
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