Surebet247:How To Fund Your Account Via Bank Deposit

October 21, 2021 Off By Oha

You can easily make Surebet247 Deposit via Bank Deposit. surebet247 deposit options also includes bank payment and they have various bank account which you can pay into.

They have gtbank, diamond bank, sky bank, zenite bank etc.if you have just created an account with Surebet247, then the next thing to do is to fund your betting can make deposit on Surebet247 using bank deposit option.

How To Fund Your Surebet247 Account Via Bank Deposit

Follow the steps below to get it done

How To Fund Your Surebet247 Account Via Bank Deposit

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If you have not created an account with them, click link to register for free.

After login to your account, click on Deposit at the top right.

You will see list of deposit options, scroll down to bank deposit option.

you will see various bank details such as gtbank, diamond bank, skybank, zenite bank

on each of them, you can decide to use any. click on Deposit Now Button Close to any of the bank.

you will see their bank account details to pay your money into

Just walk into any of the bank you decided to use and make the payment.

After making payment, make sure you have your bank deposit slip with you because you still need to fill in a payment notification form from your surebet247 account to notify them of your do this

login to your surebet247 account and click on deposit

scroll to bank you made payment and click deposit now button

scroll down to the form and fill it accordingly.

when you get to the comment part, write something like this

” i have just made payment into your bank account e.g ( gtbank). depositors name is ( write your name there), amount paid ( write it), surebet247 username ( write your email address).please credit my surebet247 account with username (write it again).thanks.”

after that, cross check what you have filled on the form before clicking the submit button.your account will be credited within 24 hours if everything is inputted correctly.

if you are finding it difficult to credit your surebet247 account, then you can contact me to fund it for you.
The only thing i will collect from you is your Surebet247 User ID number which you will see at the by clicking My Settings at the top.every Surebet247 users online have a unique id number which is given to them and you will see it boldly written when you click My Settings

That is what i need to Make deposit to your Surebet247 account and within 10 minutes, your account will be funded via my online platform while you make payment using ATM Machine to transfer. I accept funding at minimum of #1000 and above and charges #200 for the service.this is because the online platform i make use of to fund your Surebet247 account will charge me #100 for each users.the extra #100 is for my service.i can’t use my time and data to render this service for free, so the #200 is a token i charge for the service if funding less than #2000 while i charge 10 percent if funding more than #2000 which i believe its understandable

so if you are funding with #1000, you will have to add #200 which you will now pay me #1200.this is how other punters do use my service to make deposit.

You can contact me for this service via the number below on the image

to register a surebet247 account online, visit the link will take you to their registration page, fill in your details correctly.please take note of the password details. when filling your password, it should comprises of the following requirements Click to Create Surebet247 Account Free

Password requirements
your password should have

    Minimum characters of 8
    at least One of the characters should be in capital laters
    at least One of the characters should be in small letters
    there should be One number
    Only alphanumeric characters is allowed, no symbol or diagram is allowed in password, is should all be in alphabet and number

example password : JOHNbet247

if you take a look at the password, you will noticed it comprises of capital letter JOHN and Small Letter bet and a number 247. it is not compulsory you make used of the password i have just written here because its for illustration purpose. so make sure when filling your password, it should have a capital letter, small letter and numbers.if you don’t do it so, you will have problem creating an account with them.

after you’ve have successfully created an account with them, check your email address to see if they sent you a welcome message and see if it contains an activation link which you will have to click to fully activate your surebet247 account