Samson siasia appealed FIFA ban

September 3, 2019 Off By Oha
Samson siasia

Former Super Eagles coach and Olympic medallist Samson Siasia has appealed the life ban slammed on him last month by FIFA to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in Switzerland.

Siasia who is battling to free his mother from kidnappers who are demanding a ransome fee of N50 million was banned for life by FIFA for his complicity in a match fixing scandal he was not given a fair hearing to defend the weighty allegations against him.

The former Nigerian coach has submitted his statement of appeal to CAS and is asking the court to stop the FIFA decision until his appeal is heard.

President of AIPS Africa, Mitchell Obi confirmed last night that it “it is a fight to finish for a man who loves to attack both as a celebrated player of the Eagles and a coach.

“We can only pray that Samson’s appeal hit the right cords and he finally gets the fair hearing which never was particularly in a case for which he is being punished simply on ‘motivated decision.

“Will this appeal give Samson the real strength he needs to beat the Delilah called FIFA Ethics Committee. All eyes are on CAS”, remarked Obi last night. Comments