Sakho failed doping test to miss next match

April 24, 2016 Off By Oha
Mamadou Sakho
The Liverpool has decided to set aside immediately toMamadou Sakhoteam after learning that the French international had tested positive in a doping control. The French defense seems to be that a fat burner that would have caused this positive course but the English club maintains its decision until shed some light on the matter was taken.
UEFA informed the English club on the possible positive, which is still investigating, and the club has taken the decision agreed with the player him away from the dynamics of the team until the issue is clarified. The core 26 has declared itself club not know anything about the matter, allegedly claiming that if a banned substance consumed would have been without knowledge.
The official club statement states: “. In the afternoon of Friday April 22 the club received a communication from the UEFA ensuring that it is carrying out a possible violation of an anti-doping by the player Mamadou Sakho player will respond in person to the appropriate body.
The player is suspended at the moment, but according to the club with the coaching staff and Sakho itself has taken the decision that is not available to join the team in the next meetings.There will be no further comment until further notice “.