Rooney, in the worst moment of his career

September 29, 2016 Off By Oha

The England striker had never been as bad as now
Wayne Rooney
Several British media have reported tonight that Wayne Rooney will be substitute at Manchester United . According to Jose Mourinho , this is to “protect”the interest of the club, however, there is no deep discontent of the Portuguese coach with his captain. In fact, as evidenced by the numbers, the current Rooney is the worst of his career.
The versatile England striker, 30, scored only  1 goal in 8 official games he has played this season with the Red Devils. An average of 0.13 goals per game that surpasses by far the worst season of his life: 2002/03, it averaged 0.22 goals per game.
“I convinced him to play from the beginning, but now I’m not sure because of the situation that have created around him. I think, in the current scenario, Rooney can not afford a performance that is not really good and I’m here to protect players, “Mou said recently, after being requested by a potential new English media.