Real Madrid overturned first leg tie ti quality

April 12, 2016 Off By Oha

Cristiano Ronaldoshowed again that it remains the most dominating playerReal Madrid and uncorked with a sensational performance against Wolfsburg which makes clear that should be untouchable in the future, your Duturo is at Real Madrid.
Christian cleared the doubts and took his goals to Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League.Few raised in this momentpo sale of Portuguese, and with performances like this, the same Florentino Perez must abandon the idea of transferring the player to try to get economic depreciation.Cristiano is untouchable in this team and its great performance elevates options other players entering transfer operations. The club needs to raise money to meet other signings, so the option to sell to James or Benzema gaining strength.
Cristiano Ronaldo led the Zidane and whites rallied the tie without having to go into overtime.Real Madrid is two games to play another final and the Luso wants to be a protagonist. He still has rope for a couple of seasons and striker prefers to seize the Santiago Bernabeu rather than try his luck in another league. Cristiano Ronaldo is untouchable Real Madrid.Source: fichajes