Real Madrid has replaced Manchester United as the world’s richest soccer club


Real Madrid toppled Manchester united as the richest club in the world after their excellent performance in past season.


The falling value of the British pound has meant Manchester United’s overall revenue figure in Deloitte’s report has gone down. When converted to euros, following uncertainty since the U.K.’s Brexit referendum in 2016.

For the season 2016/17 it announced revenue of £581 million ($759 million) and for the most recent 2017/18 figures, the number increased to £590 million. When those figures are converted from pounds to euros, the number drops from 676 million euros for 2016/17 to 666 million euros for 2017/18.

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Despite Manchester United slipping from first to third overall, the English Premier League still provided six teams in the top 10, the most ever from one country. Tottenham Hotspur’s 428 million euros total revenue re-enters the Money League top 10 for the first time since 2006/07, having capitalized on playing a full season at Wembley Stadium which has seen match-day revenue increase by 54 percent to 30.4 million euros.

Liverpool’s run to the 2018 Champions League final sees them move up two places to seventh with 513.7 million euros and contributed to impressive total revenue growth of $118.3 million.

Liverpool’s broadcast revenue, which increased by 68.8 million euros to 251.3 million euros as a result of the amounts received from UEFA, would be sufficient for a place in the top 15 of this year’s Money League on its own

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