Portugal coach back Ronaldo after Sarri saga

November 15, 2019 Off By Oha

Cristiano Ronaldo’s row with Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri has appeared to take a new turn after Portugal manager Fernando Santos confirmed that he doesn’t have any injury concerns over the forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus star's row with Sarri
Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus star’s row with Sarri took a new twist after his Portugal hat-trick (Image: GETTY Images)

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have any injury worries, despite Juventus’ claim that he’s in pain, according to Portugal boss Fernando Santos.

Portugal risked Maurizio Sarri’s wrath by playing the forward against Lithuania last night, after the Juve manager claimed Ronaldo had an injury.

But the striker appeared to be in perfect condition as he scored a hat-trick for his country.

After the match, Santos said that Ronaldo was absolutely fine, despite the injury concerns.

“I do not find anything strange,” he said, after Portugal beat Lithuania 6-0.

“There was a lot of noise around Cristiano. I even read that he was angry.

“I already said it, that Cristiano was fine. I was not surprised at all. Of Cristiano, little or nothing surprises me.”

Prior to the match, Santos confirmed that Ronaldo would be playing in the Euro 2020 qualifier.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is here. He feels good and will play against Lithuania. I have no doubts about it,” he said.

Earlier this month, Ronaldo was left fuming after being substituted by Sarri in a match for Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The former Real Madrid star
Cristiano Ronaldo: The former Real Madrid star was fuming after Sarri substituted him (Image: GETTY Images)

He was replaced in the 55th minute by Paulo Dybala in Juve’s clash against AC Milan, and headed straight for the dressing rooms after leaving the pitch.

Ronaldo reportedly left the stadium before the match had even finished, as Dybala scored the winning goal.

After the game, Sarri said that he substituted Ronaldo as he had a slight injury concern.

He said: “We must thank Ronaldo, because he made a sacrifice to be there tonight in a difficult situation.

“He did everything possible to play, but I saw he was not well and thought it best to take him off.

Cristiano Ronaldo: His replacement, Dybala, scored
Cristiano Ronaldo: His replacement, Dybala, scored the winner against AC Milan (Image: GETTY Images)

“It’s only natural a player is going to be irritated to leave the pitch, especially when he worked so hard to be there.

“Over the last month, he has had this little knee problem, he had a knock in training and it hurt the collateral ligament.

“When he trains at high intensity or plays, it unbalances him, so he ends up overcompensating and it damages the calf and thigh muscles.

“It is affecting his performances and he is not at his best at the moment.