Other football players that plays style football

August 4, 2018 Off By Oha

There’ football players famously known for their styles type of football.
In English team David Beckham is known for his skillful and styles way he played. He always use to deceive opponent especially in set pieces.
Apart from Beckham there is other players that can do better.

(1).  Former Barcelona and Brazilian footballer star is another styles footballer.

(2)Jay Jay Austin Okocha is another footballer that played with style in his prime. What helped Okocha is that he makes use of his two legs.

Watch Okocha skillful style football here
(3)Andrea Pirlo
For those of you who don’t know who the man above is, we’ll run you through his story. One of the game’s greatest ever, Pirlo was born in 1979 in Flero, Italy. Having quickly gained notoriety in his hometown Pirlo was snapped up by Brescia as a youth member. From there he was signed by Intern Milan, before being loaned out and moving to cross city rivals, AC Milan, where he excelled as a deep midfielder. He then moved to Juventus in 2011 and won them a further four titles before moving to the New York City in 2015.
Pirlo has won every major trophy in Italian football, as well as winning the World Cup in 2006 and became Italy’s fourth highest capped player in history. Pirlo’s Italy shirt is, to say the least, one of Italy’s greatest. He is one of the country’s best footballing sons and his legacy. As well as being a footballing icon he is also a style icon, featuring heavily in Nike’s campaigns and also being snapped off the court for his classic Italian style.
Andrea Pirlo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers to have ever lived
Pirlo Suit
Like any Italian man, Andrea Pirlo loves a suit. It’s something that is instilled in their culture and this definitely shows in off field appearances. A suit in Italy is like a second skin and plays a vital role across all generations in showing a sense of class. Mr Pirlo is never short of being stylish, epitomising traditional menswear. The outfit below shows exactly what we mean,
The outfit below shows exactly what we mean. A classic, tailored and a hand made navy suit, combined with a simple white shirt and patterned tie is everything Pirlo stands for. It is refined, well thought out and more importantly calculated. In football, much like fashion, things must be balanced in order to be successful, much like this outfit. The ease in which Pirlo carries it also make it successful, allowing him to stand there and let the suit do the talking.