Neymar value was doubled say the prosecutor

The prosecutor Jose Perals has revealed the offers of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona toSantos whenNeymar was player of the Brazilian team.
As stated in the EFE news agency, Perals ensures that the price set in the contract between the club and Neymar signed in 2013, was 17.1 million euros.Meanwhile, Real Madrid offered 36 million for the Brazilian striker, despite Neymar which only wanted to sign for the club.
According Perals, the actual market price of Neymarwas higher than the amount offered byFC Barcelona and approached the figure offered Real Madrid . The prosecutor claims that there was fraud and corruption in the payment of 40 million FC Barcelona Neymar to make his move “on the other not allowed in the field FIFA via” and hurt the Brazilian investment fund DIS, which had 40 percent of the player’s rights.
Perals has used these arguments in its appeal to the Criminal Division of the National Court against the decision to file the case open to Neymar, his father, Sandro Rosell and FC Barcelona itself.
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