Mourinho is now old school coach

Mourinho is beginning to look like old school says Sunday supplement panel. Mourinho approach to games when compared with Jurgen Klopp and pochettino make Mourinho look like old school coach.  Sunday supplement panel members believe that other  premier league contending coaches can’t sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Free. They believe Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a good player that is leaving on shadow of his old self. They feel Zlatan Ibrahimovic is like old school player coaching by old school coach.
  “He’s beginning to look like an old-school manager,” says The Times’Alison Rudd. “He’s suddenly looking quite old because you’ve got young managers like Pochettino and Klopp who have refreshed the way football is played in the Premier League and what they demand from their players.”
“He can only win ugly,” said The Sun’s Antony Kastrinakis. “He can never win the Pep [Guardiola] way or the Klopp way. That’s his nature.
“His behaviour was worse at Chelsea [when United lost 4-0]. What Mourinho couldn’t take was that [Antonio] Conte took the same players that he had last season, and gave them a lesson in football.”Read more at
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