Mourinho complicates Eriksen’s departure to Madrid

November 21, 2019 Off By Oha

Atlético and Real Madrid are very interested to the future of the Danish football player

José Mourinho has been a new coach of Tottenham Hotspur for a day , in a new adventure in the Premier League in which the Portuguese coach will have to reverse a situation that has led the London team that until now led  by Mauricio Pochettino to occupy the fourteenth position in the premier league table in a completely unexpected situation for a team that has just played the Champions League final a few months ago.

The arrival of Mou to the British team represents a radical change in the management of the club, especially in the arrivals and departures section, as well as in the renewal section, since there are many players who in recent months have shown their intention to leave London to look for a new club, either in another Premier club or making the decision to change the league championship.

One of those players is the Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen , who ends the contract on June 30, 2020 and is on the radar of several great Europeans such as Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, who can see what seemed like an easy signing of carrying out it can be complicated in the coming months after the arrival of a Mourinho that has not yet ruled on the possible casualties that he has in mind for Tottenham,Eriksen being one of the players who wanted to keep the coach on staff Portuguese, is an unexpected turn of events.