Moniepoint POS Review, How to Become an Agent, App, Get Terminal

Moniepoint pos – Since the implementation of the cashless policy, the majority of people have been searching for solutions to help their businesses run smoothly. Among the options is to purchase a POS machine; one such option is the Moniepoint; we are now providing a review of the POS machine company.

One of the well-known POS companies that offer its services to common users at reasonable commissions is Moniepoint.

Because of this, we want to examine the Moniepoint POS review and how to sign up as an agent for this POS business.

Our evaluation will be heavily influenced by Monie Point, specifically how to obtain a Moniepoint login in order to check your agent commission and the type of commission you are receiving or will be receiving.

About Moniepoint 

A pos company operator is simply known as “Moniepoint,” and “Plus One” is among the fastest-growing businesses in the industry with low commission-to-charge ratios and typically no associated network problems.

If you want to work for the company, you must be an agent of Monie Point POS, which is the name of the platform.

As of the time this article was published, is reportedly one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing mobile money platforms.

Moniepoints have made it simple to complete any type of transaction, so it’s up to you to shape your company into what you envision.

With the benefits that can be obtained from each transaction that is made on the Moniepoint POS machine, they make every transaction, such as withdrawal and purchasing of airtime, go more smoothly.

Information About The Platform/Company

It was also taken into account and noted that the business “Boosts” the smooth execution of significant financial transactions without any network-related problems that you might see on all the related POS centers or machines.

Apart from its primary name, Monie Point, it was actually founded under the name TeamAPt, which was later changed to MoniePoint. Tosin Eniolorunda is reportedly the CEO.


Review of Moniepoint POS

is primarily recognized as the creator of teamApT, now known as Moniepoint.

They offer convenient banking services, and because of their track record, the majority of people want to work for them and represent Moniepoint POS.

And some of your questions will be addressed. We’ll talk about some of the concerns and inquiries that people may have regarding the Monie Point POS company.

Because of this, one of my goals in writing this article is to look into the Moniepoint review.

How to Get a Machine & Become a Moniepoint POS Agent

It is actually simple to become a Moniepoint POS agent and to obtain your own Moniepoint POS device by simply making face-to-face contact with them.

Or you can simply go to any of the nearby offices you can find.

True, you will need to complete a registration process that was fully utilized, and he will be held accountable for the up to 25,000 Monie Point POS machine’s causes.

When we create this article, the registration or POS machine emits acid, and when you are only approved, you can actually apply to the Monie Point POS agent.

Before you can consider becoming a Moniepoint pos agent and obtaining your own POS machine, there are a few steps or precautions that you must take.

How to Become a Moniepoint POS Agent: Steps & Process

The first thing you must do is open your browser and go to, which is their official website.
Alternatively, you can simply type “Monie Point” into Google and select the “Create Account” option.
I wish you would have registered with your phone number and email. That ought to be the first action.
Then you will be given a registration form, which should ask for some information that will enable you to become a Moniepoint agent.
An email confirming your registration and approval will be sent to you after you confirm your phone number and email address.
Once you have confirmed that you want to become their agent, one of the support centers will advise you on what to do.
To begin managing your account, you must first log in to the Moniepoint POS dashboard.
Login to Moniepoint
Once your account has been fully registered, all you need to do to log in as a Moniepoint agent is follow the simple steps.

You should receive your Moniepoint dashboard if you visit their website and enter your login information (email and password).

Continue reading this article if you want to learn about the additional documents required for the verification of your Monie point POS agent account.

Login to Moniepoint POS

Required Document For Monie Point POS Agent Registration
You must have this document in order to work as a Moniepoint POS agent, among other things.

Your business, which is reportedly approved and licensed, is what you are operating.
It’s said that your BVN is also referred to as your bank verification number.
The Nepa Bill, the bank account number, and a form of identification should be included as well (ID Card).
Once one of their agents contacts you, they may also ask for additional information from you.
POS Signup Page for Moniepoint
Agent Login for Monie (How To)
You should read this section if you need to know how to log in as a Monie point agent for any reason.

Use the Moniepoint app, which is available from your phone store.

To log into your account, visit the Play Store and download the Monie point app.

You can also access your Monie Point Agent account or dashboard through the mobile version of the official website.

All transactions can be managed right away from your Moniepoint account.

Install the Moniepoint APK (App)

It is not advised to download any Moniepoint APK for Android from any associated or online websites in order to use the Moniepoint mobile application, which can be found in the Google Play store.

The steps for downloading the Moniepoint app were also covered in this section.

Name of the App: Moniepoint Type of App: POS Agency Company Download Size: 12MB Version: 1.17 Total Downloads: 100k
Obtain Here

You can now use the app you were advised to download from the Play Store to access your Monie point POS account and check the records that your Moniepoint POS machine has created.

Cost of the Moniepoint POS System

After submitting an application and having your registration verified and approved by their organization, you can purchase the Moniepoint POS machine for 20,000.

If you’ve just started working as a Monie Point agent, that is the price they charge for their POS machine in Nigeria.

How Much Per Transaction Does Moniepoint Charge?

Before they proceed to apply how much Monie point charges per transaction, the majority of Moniepoint agents will want to know this type of information.

Their fixed charge stand of 20 naira is low in comparison to other POS services available, according to our records, a brief review, and the information we learned about them.

It is claimed to be one of the lowest POS agency transaction fees and the first fee we were aware of at the time this article was written.

Morning Pointe does not impose any additional bank fees; we will only be charged based on the type of withdrawal.

How To Activate A Moniepoint POS Device/Terminal

When you purchase the Moniepoint POS device from their headquarters or main office, you should be instructed on how to activate it or be shown how to do so.

The same can be done after your Moniepoint POS account, which serves as the connection to your POS machine, has been activated.

Other than that, there aren’t any other ways to activate your Monie point POS device.

What Does Moniepoint Daily Target Cost?

Is it a corporation that is run by specific individuals? POS companies are subject to a set of regulations that mandate certain daily usage, according to Moniepoint.

Some people referred to that as the Moniepoint daily target, but he said to set that aside and rule.

If you are a Monie point agent, you must withdraw a minimum of 80,000 naira per day from your POS device.

Another goal that has been set is to have a minimum list of accounts of the positions that should be made on your Moniepoints account every day.

Receiving a 50% cashback of 25,000 that is used to finish the Moniepoint registration or application is another rule that you should abide by.

Within a year of receiving the machine, the Moniepoint aggregator should be given to the recipient.

In some instances, the POS device is also referred to as a Moniepoint terminal, and you can learn more about this by clicking here. You can also learn how to obtain a Moniepoint terminal by clicking here.

How to Load Monie Point

Despite the fact that we don’t know how to obtain a loan from Moniepoint, we will provide you with contact information below so that you can inquire about the process if you so choose.

To find out what to do next, refer to this article’s section on how to contact the Moniepoint POS company.

Commission at Moniepoint Point List all frequent financial transactions. You should understand the commissions or fees that Moniepoint POS assesses from the table.

Amount Of Money Paid In Fees Or Commissions Per Transaction: 0.5% For N1 To N20,000 N100

Above the usual POS charges of N20,000

On Moniepoint POS, the N20 Data Charge Commission varies depending on the type of transaction and the network you are making it on, which includes.

Community Commission
Dstv 2% \sGoTv 2%
PHCN/Nepa 2%
Startime 2%
Mtn 3%
Glo 4%
Television subscriptions 5%
These are the fees and commissions that Monie point POS has collected.

Getting in touch with Moniepoint POS

You can get in touch with the Moniepoint POS company through me in a number of ways, including by sending them an email or using a social media platform to follow up on their phone number and address, both of which are listed below.

Platform Information
Lekki Phase 1 Lagos State Phone Number/WhatsApp Only +2348141500017 Main Office Address No. 2 Whole Ariyo Street
Contact information: Support@MoniePoint
Twitter @moniepoint Instagram @moniepoint Facebook /Moniepoint
In order to contact them, go to their website and look for the contact us section. Once you do that, they should be able to give you the information you need.

The Monie point transaction limit is one problem people have with their POS system, and most people have no idea how to raise or lower it.

We’d like to offer a brief explanation of how to handle the Moniepoint transaction limit issue.

How To Resolve The Limits On Moniepoint Point Transactions Problem
After you finish it, you only need to conduct a business-level KYC (know-your-customer) procedure. Now that the restriction has been lifted, your transaction limit should be raised from KYC level 1 to the next level, whichever comes first.

The Moniepoint transaction cap that may have been applied to your account should be removed.

What you need to do to fix it is listed below.

Enter your Moniepoint account credentials, then select the KYC section.

From there, you should click around or respond to the question with some general information.

Your KYC level should be raised after you have submitted the required information and your account has been approved.

How To Add Money To A Monie Point Account

Given everything you need to do, funding your midpoint account shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Less like a recharge, all transactions are made to your Monie point account using a standard banking system.

Contact Moniepoint support or customer care if you run into any problems trying to locate your account. They can assist you in doing so, and you can also ask them how to fund a Monie point account.

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