Mario Balotelli red card may be cancel

October 3, 2016 Off By Oha

Mario Balotelli red card is likely to be rescinded on Thursday, as the referee has admitted an error

mario baloteli
mario balotelli

Mario Balotelli scored the winner against Lorientyesterday, and was booked for taking his shirt off in celebration.
That was to prove costly for the Italian, as he bizarrely received a second yellow after an altercation with Steven Moreira, where neither player appeared to do anything wrong.
“Olivier Thual has watched the match,” Pascal Garibian, technical director of refereeing explained to L’Équipe.

“Of course, he agreed that the two yellow cards were rushed and shouldn’t have been given. The referee is available to the disciplinary committee to say this on record
“Then it will be up to them to judge if further action is needed.”

It therefore appears overwhelmingly likely that the second yellow card for Balotelli will be rescinded when the commission meets on Thursday night, meaning he’d be available to face Lyonon October 14. The red card is likely to be cancelled.

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