Main reasons La Liga may not change rule to help Barcelona with Messi

August 4, 2021 Off By Oha

Barcelona’s financial situation has been well-recorded this summer. It’s given urgency to release some players in order to reduce a bloated wage bill, and has made it difficult for the Catalan club to renew Lionel Messi’s contract and register their new signings while still honouring the strict salary cap ordered by the powers-that-be. Knowing the problem losing Messi would be to La Liga, however, they have no plan of change rules to help Barcelona retain the Argentine according to Marca.

There’s triple reasons for their stance. La Liga don’t want to have to change the rules; they would have to introduce a new regulation on economic control and majority of LA liga clubs need to vote in support of it. It wouldn’t stand.

France and Italy are also experiencing similar financial problems right now. Ligue Un are still battling a with the consequence of not concluding the 2019/20 season after covid-19 outbreak, with many of their clubs perilously close to bankruptcy. Serie A is also in a struggling state; they’ve part away over €1B income. La Liga are ready to take the same foot step and remain fiscally

There’s also the hanging issue of the Super League. Barcelona and Joan Laporta were major players in its failed launch toward the end of last season, and are still interested to the project alongside Real Madrid and Florentino Perez. This decision doesn’t engender a whole lot of sympathy toward the Catalan club from the interests of the rest of the Spanish game. All of this means that if Barca propose to keep Messi, they’re going to have to make some painful decisions; La Liga won’t change. That’s the dilemma Barcelona is facing now. But Messi is not yet return from Argentina after winning Cops America.

Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi
Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi