Lopetegui will be sack tomorrow: Antonio Conte on his way to Real Madrid  

October 28, 2018 Off By Oha

If Antonio Conte fail to  arrive this Monday, Solari could temporary be in charge at Santiago bernabeu bench as coach.
In the next few hours it is scheduled for Florentino Perez to discuss the situation with its direct employees and their managers to discuss the future of Julen Lopetegui , that if nothing changes  he will be removed tomorrow after the Board will leave his post to Antonio Conte . The five goals conceded at the Camp Nou can be decisive about his future. The Italian could arrive on Monday in Madrid, but if it does not come, Solari would sit in Wednesday’s match against Melilla in the Copa del Rey.
The coach of Castilla would take over the team provisionally, as the next manager of the white bench will be Antonio Conte, former coach of Chelsea and Juve , as well as the Italian team. Conte was released this week from the commitment he still had with the English team and is already released to be able to commit himself definitively to Real Madrid.
This is how Lopetegui suffered on the Nou Camp bench: his reactions say it all! Mediapro
Florentino Pérez and his management believe that the situation is unsustainable and that the reaction must be resolve immediately. Such was his anger that after the match against Barcelona he did not go down to the dressing room, as he usually does. The president left quickly and quickly from Camp Nou without wanting to see the players or Lopetegui himself. The environment was not for visits and compliments, hence he chose to leave.
Confidence in Lopetegui has been gradually lost and the win at the Camp Nou has been the last bus stop for the coach to stop having defenders of the club, although this does not mean that the players are free from questioning.  The fans do not understand or share the attitude with which they face the games, but today can not do without the players and the technician.
The conviction  they have is that now what the current staff needs is a coach with personality and even in a certain way have good record, hence he has turned to the option of Antonio Conte , a no nonsense coach who does not have many friends among the players he has coached.