Liverpool waiting the severity of philipe Coutinho injury

The Reds may lose their best player if the severity of his injury is confirmed
Philippe Coutinho
The Liverpool FC is taking a plague of injuries this season but certainly the hardest has been produced today while playing Southampton as Philippe Coutinho could say goodbye to all the least the matches this season if the bad news is confirmed.Brazilian midfielder was stretchered off the field after a collision with N’Dong, it is feared that is broken ankle.
At low of Lallana and Sturridge he has joined Philippe Coutinho,who after half an hour of play had to be replaced due to a collision he had with N’Dong.Brazilian midfielder chafó the ball to try to haggle Southampton player with the misfortune to hit the ball it just to clear it, taking along the way carioca footballer’s ankle.Everything indicates that Coutinho has broken his right ankle and confirmed the bad omens say goodbye to the rest of the season.
This is the ankle of the player, a terrifying image.

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