Live: Sam allardyce first press conference

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Sam Allardyce will focus on the Englandplayers’ mentality and explains how he’ll use science to get the best out of them.
Allardyce also thinksEngland are underachieving and hopes the players can learn lessons from Euro 2016.
“It’s a young squad and growth of potential is exceptionally good, I would hope that the bitter experience they felt from Euros will stand them in good stead going into the future.
“It has given them a huge amount of experience in not wanting to feel like that next time round. But the first task is that we do enough and we are good enough to qualify for the World Cup.”
Allardyce has dismissed suggestions that Euro 2016 represented an all-time low for England but knows he has a reputation of being able to help turn teams around quickly. 
“I wouldn’t suggest this is rock bottom – disappointing but I don’t think it is rock bottom.
“People see me as being able to go in and turn a club around quickly. I consider myself to be much more than that, personally, but that was the sort of label I was left with.
“I can turn things around pretty quickly and I can get among teams and staff quickly and create a successful journey which starts with us all pulling together.
“My take on it is that the most important thing is the players, that’s why we are all here. Support from backroom staff will be key elements, taking the way forward to helping the players achieve what we all want to see – an England team being successful and that’s going to be the greatest challenge for me in my long career and I will hopefully be as successful as I have been at other clubs.”
Allardyce rejected the notion that his lack of trophies as a manager or his relative lack of experience in European competition will hamper him when it comes to dealing with England’s biggest names.
“I’ve managed world class players – Fernando Hierro, Jay-Jay Okocha, Gary Speed, Nicolas Anelka, Youri Djorkaeff and Michael Owen.
“I’ve managed some really talented players. The good thing about really talented players is they make your life easier because they what you want and it takes you less time to prepare.
“Working with the England elite players will be exciting for me as they can take on board what we want to do quickly because they are the best in this country.
“When it comes to winning no trophies, unfortunately for me as an English manager, I never really got the chance to go right to the very top of the Premier League.
“You look at what I’ve achieved over years, saving clubs and not being relegated – they’re big achievements and they’re difficult to do.
“They don’t hold same category as winning the league or FA Cup but it’s very important in today’s Premier League to secure a football club’s financial status.”
FA chief executive Martin Glenn says he is thrilled Allardyce is the new England manager.
“Sam is delighted to be here bit not as much as I am delighted to have Sam here.
“We look for three things – strength of character because, as Sam said, the pressure is great. Tactical nous and then someone who can inspire. You need all those things together.”
Allardyce says he believes he has the attributes and experience required to be a successful England manager after he missed out on the role 10 years ago.
“It was 10 years since I was last interviewed and to sit here is a huge thrill for me – I think I fit the chair. I hope I do. I think I have the experience to pass on and not only challenge the England team but challenge myself.
“Five Premier League clubs has given me a huge amount of experience. Nobody else has managed five different Premier League clubs. Man management is my biggest asset to help players one enjoy themselves and two be better than they already are.”
Allardyce also said it was important he and the players enjoy representing their country, describing the England job as the “pinnacle” of his career.
“I think the bonding of the team is exceptionally important and trying to create a good team spirit. And have some fun, the game of football is to be enjoyed and I’ve enjoyed my life in the game for many years,” he said.
“So as the pinnacle of my career, which this job is, I want to enjoy this the most. So I can only do that with everybody who works for me and works around me.”
Allardyce says getting round Premier League grounds will become very important for him and hopes to have a good relationship with managers.
“I will try my best to deliver the player back to the football club in the best possible condition when he has been with us. This facility and the people here can allow us to do that. We’ll do everything we can to keep the players fit for the international first and then send them back to their clubs.”
Allardyce says his style is “pragmatic” but wants his players to have fun while they are playing for their country.
“Pragmatic, I think. Choosing styles or systems depends on the players available and then depends on who we are playing. My coaching technique is to try and give the players an opportunity to win a football match wherever they play, home or away, Wembley or not Wembley, and make them aware of the opposition which may change the style of how we play. 
“The individuals and collectively as a teams are very important. The bonding of a team is exceptionally important while we are all together, trying to create a good team spirit and have some fun. The game of football is to be enjoyed and I have enjoyed my life in the game for many years now.
“As the pinnacle of my career, which this job is, I want to enjoy this the most so I can only so that with everybody who works with me and works around me.”
Sam Allardyce says it’s too early to decide ifWayne Rooney will stay on as England captain just yet…
Allardyce confirmed that Sammy Lee will be a part of his backroom staff.
“As you can see in the audience here, Sammy will be joining me for a second time. We had a great time at Bolton but also I am going to rely on his international experience over many years as well. So he is going to be one of many who will join me in the near future, hopefully, which we will make an announcement if and when it is all agreed.”
Big Sam wasn’t giving much away when asked ifWayne Rooneywould remain as captain.
“No, it is far too early to make predictions in that area. I’m going to leave that until we meet all the players and we get all the coaching staff together behind the scenes and plan for the internationals in September.
“It is the first day in, getting my feet under the table and meeting everyone here at St George’s. it is important I base myself here. I am going to have an office, I’ve nicked Dan’s already.”
Allardyce says he is keen to tap into every part of his experience to help improve England going forward…
“The key element for me would be to get amongst all the staff that England have in place at this moment in time and talk through thoroughly about the program going forward in all areas and particularly psychologically.
“I think the pressure that comes on players, particularly at internationals that we may look at in a little more depth and see if we can help in any way shape of form.
“In the Premier League it is very similar because it is week in and week out. The pressure is ever greater as the money has got bigger.
“But it is the whole package for me. In all areas -coaching, tactics, nutrition, fitness coaching, strength and conditioning and the players’ response to that today I’ve always found that to be excellent and I’m sure the England elite team will be exactly the same when we join up.”
Allardyce says he has been delighted with the overwhelming support he has received after being appointed as England manager.  
“From my point of view, what hit me the most is the overwhelming support I’ve received from all areas.
“Over the last few days the goodwill messages I’ve had from friends and people I know in and outside the game and also the nation as a whole and for me that gives me a very warm feeling about taking up this new position today.
“I’m obviously very proud to be named the new England manager and I really look forward to the task in hand and try to qualify first for the World Cup and then move on from there.”
Sammy Lee is alongside Sam Allardyce at St George’s Park – will he be a member of the new backroom staff?
New England managerSam Allardyce began his managerial career at Limerick 25 years ago and his old club have paid tribute to him ahead of his first media conference. 
We should be hearing from Big Sam shortly and the anticipation is building in the media room at St George’s Park. 
England captainWayne Rooney thinksSam Allardyce will be a “good appointment” as manager.
The country’s all-time leading goalscorer is now keen to help lead his country to the World Cup in 2018.
“Yeah, I think it’s a good appointment for England.
“He will probably bring a different way of playing to England, and hopefully it’s a good way and we can be successful under him.
“I only know him through teams he has managed. I have seen him a few times off the pitch, but it’s like everyone, I know him through the teams in the Premier League.”
Stuart Pearce wantsEngland to take youth tournaments more seriously, so that players can experience winning international titles before getting to the first team.
Diame also thinks the England players will enjoy working with Allardyce but says he will not be afraid to stamp his authority on the squad.
“Big Sam is a funny guy too so I think they will enjoy it. I have a smile on my face because I know him and when I remember him it is more about how he is funny and sometimes he was shouting too so sometimes he can get upset. 
“I think it is important to have a manager that can shout at everyone. Big Sam won’t be afraid of shouting at Wayne Rooney or some players like this so it is going to be great for them I think.” 
Hull midfielder Mo Diame played underAllardyce at West Hamand he says his former boss will get results forEngland.
“It is a good thing for England. With all the stuff which has happened in the last few years for them I think what they need is results and Big Sam gets results, always.
“He is an important manager and I think he is the right choice.
“Maybe England won’t get the football they want to see, maybe, but what is important is results. The fans have been waiting for so long and they need a result and Big Sam is going to get you a result.”
This is the scene at St George’s Park as Sam Allardyce prepares to speak to the media as England manager for the first time. 
Steve Round was Allardyce’s first-team coach at Newcastle and says his character and personality will be vital in tournament football.
“He’ll bring leadership, first and foremost. Tough, strong leadership,” he told Sky Sports News HQ.
“But he is also a warm guy, very approachable and he has got humility. His leadership is the main thing and driving the players. In tournament football, where maybe adversity will strike, then the performance dips, they have always got Sam there who will be the leader behind the scenes to hold them up and be strong for them.
“He is a very good coach as well. When I worked with him at Newcastle most of the week was left to the coaches but the key sessions, the organisational sessions, the game plan sessions where he has formulated his game plan over the course of the week, he would deliver and he would deliver the detail on set pieces as well.
“He is a good coach but the most important thing will be leadership.”
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