List of Footballers who Killed Their Football Careers due to Smoking, Drinking and Fighting

April 24, 2020 Off By Oha

Below is a list I put up together and it contains the names and actions of players who ruined their football career

1. Tony Adams

The one time Arsenal captain was really a stand out player, but quite the hooligan. he had drunk his weight in beer and was jailed for driving under the influence of alcohol. A classic player who gave people much to talk about on and off the field.

2. Garrincha

Mr Garrincha also had issues with alcohol (rum to be precise) and his bad habit which was excess consumption of alcohol ended up destroying his life and he was one of the most talented footballers ever, possibly the second-best Brazilian after Pele. He had a slight mental deficiency (he sometimes would ask his fellow players the result of the match at half-time) and from the information gathered, he had a total number of 15 children with five different women.

3. Romario

‘If I don’t go out, I don’t score’, the young talented striker told Cruyff. After lifting the World Cup, he decided to stretch out his holidays until he was ready to return back to play. That night he made that decision was what governed his life. He was so determined that he even played against Real Madrid while his father was in kidnappers custody.

4. George Best

Mr Best is a Manchester United legend who ended his carrier by destroying his livers. He said ‘I spent about 90% of my money on drinks, women and fast cars, The rest i wasted carelessly’. George Best regretted his actions.

5. Eric Cantona

He was a voilent footballer. He physically fought teammates, supporters and even presidents. His flying karate kick into the stands is an iconic image of the Premier League. He was very close to serving jail time, but he was given a suspension of 8 months. He won the league with Leeds and United.

6. Hristo Stoichkov

He was a genius and a Golden Ball winner, and an active volcano. He attacked referee ‘Urizar Azpitarte’ in an El Clasico against Madrid. The prolific player and the 1994 World Cup star had a big mouth and a brilliant left foot.

7. Paolo Rossi

Mr Paolo who was a prolific goalscorer was very close to missing the 1982 World Cup which was in Spain. He was caught participating in illegal gambling and that made him spend a year in suspension. After he retired this he dedicated his time to living in Ibiza.

8. Paul Gascoigne

A violent manic depressive with OCD who could have taken England to glory in the 1990 World Cup and Euro ’96. Alcohol, injuries, orgies… Gazza, a unique talent, has been seen lately begging in the street.

9. Harald Schumacher

In 1982, he gave Battison a savage tackle and this shocked the world, leaving the iconic image of a confused Platini watching his teammate get carried out on a stretcher. Mr Harald wrote and published a book which revealed the secrets of his teammates, and this got him fired from the German national team and club cologne.

But nowadays, there’s been so many rules set up to make sure players don’t misbehave anymore. Which of the above listed players surprises you