Jose Mourihno revealed why he love Marcus Rashford.

May 25, 2017 Off By Oha
Manchester united manager Jose Mourihno revealed why he loves Marcus Rashford.
Mourihno said he finds interesting character in Rashford.
He said that he like player that is ready to win under pressure.
The player that is ready to win and win without loosing focus. He believes Rashford exhibit the character.
He said he finds difficult to work with player with low esteem.
For me, fragile mentalities are more difficult. I would say it is probably my weakness as a manager, it is difficult for me to understand people with a different mentality than I have,” he continued.
“It takes me time to understand and sometimes I’m not able to feel [a connection with less strong-minded player
Sometimes I ask my assistants to help me on that because maybe they have a different [character] than me.
“For me, I really want to be in love with a player with this [tough] character and personality. That kid, Marcus, is the best example of it, especially at this club.”