Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling and Paige Milian (Image Source)

You have probably come across people suggesting that the Manchester player is gay. The truth is that such claims have no basis as Raheem Sterling is not gay. He has been in more than just a relationship in the past with women.

His long-time girlfriend is Paige Milian. The two have dated for a very long time and together, they have a son, Thiago Sterling who was born in 2017. Before having his son, Sterling also had a daughter Melody Rose Sterling who was born in 2012 by his ex, Melissa Clark. For now, the two are the only kids he has.Even though he has been together with Milian for a long time, it was only shortly before he left to start preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup that the English young player proposed to Paige Milian and she has agreed to be his wife.

Raheem Sterling and his girlfriend Paige Milan

With that said, it is important to also point out that he has not been with only one woman in his life as even when he was dating his fiancée, he has also had some dealings with other women, but somehow, he always found his way back to Paige Milian. He was reported to have paid a prostitute for sex in 2017. The news came out after the footballer had a row with the hooker who was only described as a Kim Kardashian look-alike over the payment after the sex.