How to fund bet9ja account from another bet9ja account

September 4, 2019 Off By Oha

How to fund bet9ja account is one of problem some bettors face. Bet9ja, which also rank as one of my favorite betting site because of the site interface and and betting flexibility (the ability to cash out and transfer funds), has given its user the ability to transfer fund which many doesn’t know of.

Many Bet9ja users don’t know they can transfer funds from their account to another Bet9ja account, in as much as it’s Bet9ja account. I’ll be taking you through the process of funds transfer, but first, you should know that the minimum you can transfer is #100 and maximum is #5000

Step 1: Log in into your Bet9ja account with your password and username

How to fund bet9ja
How to fund bet9ja

Step 2: go over to where you have a picture avatar, click on it to draw out the options. This will bring out 

How to fund bet9ja
How to fund bet9ja

Step 3: Click on my account, it’ll then open another section which shows Deposit, cashier, transaction list, bonus etc. 

Step 4: Click on Cashier, this will open another section which
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shows Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer funds, etc. We’ve reached where we are going. Click on transfer funds. 

Step 5: If asked for pin, Create a new pin, just type any four digits number and set pin. Afterwards, type the amount to be transferred, type the recipient’s user name (the username of the account you want to transfer to), type the recipient’s ID and lastly the pin you just set and press transfer funds.

Note 1 : the user ID is the ID of the person or account you want to transfer to, this can be gotten from the person’s account by clicking on the pic avatar at the top right corner of the site.

In the coming article I’ll show you how you can withdraw your money into your bank account even if it’s not up to #5000 (#5000 is the minimum you can withdraw) 

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