How to backup a coupon football betting

March 3, 2019 Off By Oha

Backup  a  coupon  is a necessary decision one need to make , when your coupon is not going in your favour.

First of all, let’s know what is backup in football betting?.

Backup is second option you stake in a coupon,when it remain only one game to play.
Example, you played 10 game in a coupon. At the end of the day, 9 games go in your favour, remaining one game. As one is yet to play,in this situation you have opportunity to backup the remaining game in the ticket. In case, the 10th game may go against your prediction.

Now,how do you back it up?

You can backup the last game. Let’s assume you predicted home to win. You have to play another ticket opposite of what you predicted in the first ticket. So, the second ticket(the back up) you will predict Away team to win or draw.
But this is important when expecting potential big winning. If you are expecting$10000 (ten thousand dollars). You can back it up with $2000(two Thousand dollars). This is necessary so that no matter way the result go you must win something.

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But in a situation where you don’t want to backup your game. You can choose second opinion of cash out. If  your betting company allow opportunity for cash out.