How bet9ja agent makes money

June 3, 2020 Off By Oha

Through bet9ja agent is one of the ways to make extra money in Nigeria as an entrepreneur is sports betting business. Bet9ja is one of the sports betting brands that you can partner with in Nigeria. They have exciting commission percentage offers on every bet. Learn about Bet9ja agent commission percentage on every bet placed by a customer and how it works.

Bet9ja offers you the opportunity to run your independent sports betting business with the support of big betting brand and premium product. Bet9ja offers comprehensive, trustworthy and highly professional service. The exciting part of being a Bet9ja agent is the fast processing of commissions and payments that Bet9ja agents and partners enjoy. There are many things you will enjoy as a Bet9ja agent. See the benefits below.

Benefits of being a Bet9ja agent

Before we will talk in details about Bet9ja agent commission percentage scheme, let’s highlight the benefits you will enjoy if you will become Bet9ja agent:

  • You get a commission percentage based on your turnover.
  • You will earn a commission on every bet you print.
  • You bear zero liability or risk for winning bets.
  • There are over five thousand events that are available for the most popular sports on a weekly basis.
  • You can profit from the over twelve thousand live betting events available every month.
  • Access to leading and latest European sports betting software.
  • Bet9ja constantly develops new and exciting products from which you have a chance to profit.
  • There is also a free training course that will prepare you and your staff before you open your betting shop.
  • You will be provided with help and support to set-up your hardware.
  • You will enjoy technical support both on-site from competent Bet9ja field staffs and off-site via telephone.

Now check out Bet9ja agent’s commission percentage structure below.

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Bet9ja agent commission percentage

Bet9ja has a very exciting commission structure for their agents and partners. As an agent, you will be paid for every bet that is placed through your betting shop. The commission an agent will be paid ranges from two (2) percent to twenty (20) percent of the gross profit. And this commission is paid every week as long as you print bet every week.

Check out the examples of Bet9ja agent commission on sports games below:

  • One percent commission – One selection.
  • Two percent commission – Two selections.
  • Five percent commission – Three selections.
  • Six percent commission – Four to five selections.
  • Seven percent commission – Six to eight selections.
  • Twelve percent commission – Nine to ten selections.
  • Fourteen percent commission – Eleven to thirteen selections.
  • Sixteen percent commission – From fourteen to twenty selections.
  • Eighteen percent commission – From twenty-one to twenty-five selections.
  • Twenty percent commission – Twenty-six to forty selections.

The maximum commission an agent can get is twenty percent commission. So, since an agent will be paid commission on every ticket placed through their betting shop, they can get from one percent to twenty percent of the stake a gamer places, i.e., the amount the gamer places on the bet. The amount you make depends on the number of bets that comes through your shop.

Bet9ja agent commission on racing games

Commission structure for bets on racing games is different from commission structure for bets on sports games. These are the agent percentage structure for racing games.

  • Three percent of the stake.
  • Six percent of the stake.
  • Nine percent of the stake.

It can be one of the following depending on the type of bet placed by the customer. The maximum commission on stakes-placed on racing games is nine percent. So your earnings depend on the type and number of bets placed through your shop.

If you are interested in starting your sports betting business with Bet9ja, visit to start your registration.

Make sure you read Bet9ja’s agents rule and regulations before you register. Also, survey the area where you want your shop to be located to be sure there is no Bet9ja betting shop in close proximity to the spot where you want your shop to be located (at least twenty minutes distance away from any other Bet9ja shop in the area). It is advisable to select a commercial or densely populated area. We wish you good luck in your business.