Footballers alcohol and drugs ruined their career,Rooney is following their foot part

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Wayne Rooney

Alcohol has devastated the life and career of many people including footballers. The newest report from England ,as earlier posted by is where Wayne Rooney was banned not to drive for two years because of drinking- driving.
Footballers are among the richest and famous people in the world today, and considering what many of them earns on a weekly basis at their respective club sides, they easily get anything they want for themselves.

Most players are known for having superb interest for alcohol, while some are always seen flexing around with women as it would be hard for any woman to turn any player down considering the cash in his wallet.
There are some footballers who have misused the opportunity and had their careers affected by banned substance, and here we take a look at some.
Footballers alcohol and drug ruined their career
1. Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish down on the floor
Aston Villa youngster Jack Grealish is one of the talented footballers who have allowed taking of bad substance to affect their career as he has been caught many times smoking and drinking as if he was into competition.
2. Jack Wilshere
Arsenal player Jack Wilshere
Arsenal youngster Jack Wilshere is another famous player whose love for smoking and alcohol knowns no bound, Wilshere has also been caught on camera puffing shisha which is regarded as one of the dangerous substance.
3. Mario Balotelli
Italian sriker Mario Balotelli having fun
When Mario Balotelli was playing for AC Milan, he was banned then for smoking and visiting clubs, but his off pitch issues has affected his playing career as he is not getting goals in again like he used to do when he was at Manchester City.
Other footballers alcohol and drugs short their career
4. George Best
George Best having good time with women
Former Manchester United player George Best’s football career was ruined by alcohol and women, the forward was known during his playing days as a good striker who led Manchester United to success in the 1968 European Cup. George Best also won European best footballer and third in Ballon’dor.
He was diagnosed with liver problems due to heavy alcohol intake. Best later had liver transplant surgery. After successful surgery Best still continued in alcohol until he died in 2005.

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