FIFA 21: Best strikers to sign on Career Mode for every budget

March 5, 2021 Off By Oha

FIFA 21 has been out for a while now but every day there will be new players getting their hands on the game, especially with PlayStation 5 stock slowly being rolled out.

Ultimate Team is the once again the headline game mode but for some Career Mode, with its challenge of taking a club to glory, is still the place to be.

They say defences win you titles but there may not be a more important position than the striker. You could have the best players in the world across the pitch, but it all counts for nothing if you don’t have a lead forward capable of taking his chances.

At the same time, a poor team can be saved by a good striker, as Arsenal and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to some extent demonstrated last season. But who do you go for on FIFA 21?

Here are some of the best striking options available, to buy in your first window, across an array of transfer fees to make your job just a bit easier.

Values and presence of release clauses may vary per save, while availability may vary depending on strictness of transfers. All prices accurate at the time of update on 19/02/2021.FIFA 21 best strikers to sign on Career Mode – Under £1m

Ricky-Jade Jones (Peterborough United)

Ricky-Jade Jones is a good option to grow alongside alongside a lower-league club.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 59Potential FIFA 21 overall: 82Value: £650kWage demands: £1.8k

There aren’t too many exciting young strikers available for under £1m in FIFA 21 Career Mode, but one that will certainly do the job is Ricky-Jade Jones.

The teenager starts Career Mode with an overall of 59, but has decent finishing (59) and three-star skill moves and weak foot, not to mention his 92 pace. Good for a lower league club, Jones can grow with your side to reach his potential overall of 82.

Peterborough will accept Jones’ value of £650k, while the wage demands should be enough for most clubs (but beware jealous teammates).

Emrehan Gedikli (Bayer Leverkusen)

Emrehan Gedikli is the latest of a good batch of Bayer Leverkusen players.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 60Potential FIFA 21 overall: 82Value: £700kWage demands: £2.8k

Bayer Leverkusen have done well for themselves with a good batch of young players over the years, including Emrehan Gedikli in FIFA 21.

Gedikli has a starting overall of 60, with his strong points being finishing (66) and his strength (62). He won’t be blasting through defences with his pace, but get him on the ball inside the area and you’ll thrive, especially as he grows.

The teenager will be allowed to leave Leverkusen for around £770k, not too much higher than his value, but the wage demands (and greedy agent) could put some off.

Ivan Azon (Real Zaragoza)

Ivan Azon is your man if you want a ready-made striker for the lower levels.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 62Potential FIFA 21 overall: 81Value: £900kWage demands: £1.7k

If you have a bit more money and want a more first-team-ready striker to fill the immediate gaps in your lower league side with some room to grow, Ivan Azon could be your man.

The Spaniard has a starting overall of 62 and won’t need too much time to be ready for the challenge, with 70 finishing, 79 strength and 66 penalties. However, the minor downside is that he will only grow to 81, so will eventually need to be replaced.

Azon can be bought for his value of £900k, with wages closing in on £2k.FIFA 21 best strikers to sign on Career Mode for £1m-£10m

Liam Delap (Manchester City)

Liam Delap is a shrewd investment but watch out for those wages.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 64Potential FIFA 21 overall: 84Value: £1.4mWage demands: £5k

Moving onto the slightly more expensive batch of players, but sticking close to £1m, Liam Delap would be a shrewd investment.

The Manchester City striker, son of former Premier League midfielder Rory, has an initial overall of 64. He is a good finisher, fast and agile but also strong in the air. All of these attributes grow as he progresses toward a potential overall of 84.

Despite the promise, Man City will allow Delap to leave for just over his value but beware those Premier League wage demands.

Karim Adeyemi (Red Bull Salzburg)

Karim Adeyemi is the latest to come out of the Red Bull Salzburg talent factory.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 69Potential FIFA 21 overall: 86Value: £3.2mWage demands: £18k

If you’ve got your eye on a potential new Erling Haaland, why not look to the Red Bull Salzburg talent factory and Karim Adeyemi?

The teenager starts FIFA 21 with a rating of 67 and eye-catching pace of 88, already able to run through defences before shooting with 89 finishing. All of these attributes will only improve as Adeyemi gets closer to his potential of 86.

Salzburg won’t put up too much of a fight for Adeyemi and accept his value, but the wages could be a deal breaker (as, unfortunately, will be the case for the rest of the list).

Adam Hlozek (Sparta Prague)

Adam Hlozek is an excellent all-round striking option for your team.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 74Potential FIFA 21 overall: 87Value: £9mWage demands: £29.5k

Staying in the same area of Europe, only moving north, you’ll find a wonderful talent in Adam Hlozek.

Just 18 years old at the start of FIFA 21, Hlozek is already 74 rated and ready to fit into most second-tier sides, or even the lower half of the top divisions. He’s excellent on the ball, has decent pace, finishing and strength, a true all-round striker. Did we mention he can grow to 87 in-game? What more can you ask for at this level?

Sparta Prague’s asking price can be brought below £10m with a sell-on fee but make sure you can handle those lofty wage demands.

FIFA 21 best strikers to sign on Career Mode for £10m-£20m

Luis Javier Suarez (Granada)

Luis Javier Suarez boasts good pace, finishing and strength.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 76Potential FIFA 21 overall: 85Value: £15.5mWage demands: £72k

Unfortunately there aren’t too many good young prospects at this price range, but you can get more ready-made strikers with solid potential such as Luis Javier Suarez.

The Colombian striker is currently in La Liga with Granada with an overall of 76, which consists of good pace, finishing and strength attributes. He also has four-star weak foot and the potential to grow to 85 overall, though you’ll likely be buying him for a shorter-term impact.

Despite being valued at £15.5m, Suarez has 12 months left on his contract at Granada, so the Spanish club can be low-balled slightly and accept around £14.5m.

Arthur Cabral (FC Basel)

Arthur Cabral is a good ready-made striking option.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 75Potential FIFA 21 overall: 85Value: £11.5mWage demands: £50k

Out next ready-made striking option is Arthur Cabral.

The FC Basel striker is 22 at the start of FIFA 21 and with an overall of 75 can be thrown in at the deep end with little fear, whether as a starting striker or back-up. His strength (87) and finishing (77) are the standout attributes, but Cabral does also boast three-star skill moves and four-star weak foot with a potential overall of 85.

Such is his immediate quality for certain teams, FC Basel will want around £15m for Cabral.

Myron Boadu (AZ Alkmaar)

Myron Boadu has good attacking attributes across the board.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 75Potential FIFA 21 overall: 85Value: £11mWage demands: £22k

It feels as though he’s been on the scene for a while now, but Myron Boadu still represents an exciting young prospect.

The teenager kicks off FIFA 21 with an overall of 75 and has good attacking attribute across the board. His 78 finishing is complemented by 75 shot power and 76 dribbling, not to mention 88 pace and the potential to grow to 85.

Boadu is valued at £11m but AZ will want around £16m which is doable, and his wage demands aren’t too bad.FIFA 21 best strikers to sign on Career Mode for £20m and above

Donyell Malen (PSV Eindhoven)

Donyell Malen may only start at 78 but he has the attributes to cause devastation.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 78Potential FIFA 21 overall: 86Value: £28.5mWage demands: £54k

Now moving into the most expensive batch of players, these will be the real game changers, including Donyell Malen.

The 21-year-old may only start with an overall of 78, but he is fast, can finish and cause devastation on the ball with his four-star skill moves. Malen’s overall of 86 ensures you can have a top quality striker if you nurture him right.

Although Malen is valued at £28.5m, PSV will want around £33m with a sell-on clause (which becomes the norm to get fees down in this section). His wage demands of £54k aren’t too bad but they may require a release clause put in. But don’t worry, it’ll be a high one.

Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan)

Lautaro Martinez may grow into the best all-round striker in FIFA 21.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 84Potential FIFA 21 overall: 89Value: £59mWage demands: £130k

There aren’t too many unknown names when you get this far, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to sign them. And Lautaro Martinez is brilliant.

Despite his young age, Martinez is already 84-rated and better than most teams’ starting strikers. Although not lightning quick, Martinez’s pace of 83 is good enough while his finishing of 86, volleys at 83 and high strength and dribbling make him deadly inside the box. And he can grow to 89 overall, which will only make the aforementioned attributes even better.

Surprisingly Inter are happy to take £70m for Martinez with a sell-on, a good deal for the Argentinian. But be prepared to move into six figures for wages.

Erling Haaland (Dortmund)

Erling Haaland is an android. That is all we need to say.

Initial FIFA 21 overall: 86Potential FIFA 21 overall: 92Value: £94mWage demands: £120k

Of course it was going to be the android Erling Haaland.

Somehow Haaland is still only 19, despite being a monster in real life and FIFA 21. He has an overall of 86 with excellent pace, shooting and physical attributes. He’s also 6’4″ so can do the aerial damage if you work on it in development. Oh, and he can grow to 92 overall.

Although Kylian Mbappe is better, no one has the £200m+ PSG want and Haaland can be bought for £115m with a sell-on and respectable wage demands for his ability.