Premier league club top gainers after 2018/19 transfer

August 24, 2018 Off By Oha
This is top gainers in English premier league after much expenses  Top gainers after transfer activities in 2018/19 window.
There is more than 400 transfer and loan in  this English premier league transfer window.
 216 players left for  another club either on loan or complete transfer to another club.
After these transfers,  £365,850,000  is the income gain from signing fees for the players in all 19 English premier league clubs participated transfer activity.
209 players were bought at total amount of £1,276,326,000bilions.
Inconclusion of all transactions,£1,276,326,000 was spent transfer expenses made for all 19 English premier league clubs.
Total balance of £-910,476,000 was the loss for this transfer window.
But there is clubs that gained in this transfer season after signing and selling their players,eg Watford.
While there is some clubs that spent huge amount of pounds without selm
Let us see the top gainers in this year EPL 2018/19 transfer window
(1) Watford 
Expenditure.  £22.55m. 
Income.             £45.00m 
Transfer gain.   £22.46m
(2) Newcastle united
Expenditure.    £31.14m.  
Income:             £42.14m
Transfer gain: . £11.00m
List of top losers in this 2018/19 transfer window.
(1)Liverpool FC
Expenditure.   £163.98m
Income.               £14.67m
Transfer lost: .  £-149.31m
(2)Fulham FC
Expenditure   £98.10m
Income.             £4.05m
Transfer lost   £94.05m
(3)Westham united
Expenditure.     £93.47m
Income:              £12.15m
Transfer lost: .  £-81.32m
(4) Chelsea FC
Expenditure    £123.30
Income:            £48.24m
Transfer loss: . £-75.06m
 Expenditure    £89.82m
Income:                    £21.42m
Transfer loss: .          £-68.40m
(6) Arsenal FC
Expenditure.     £71.10m
Income:               £5.76m
Transfer loss: .  £-65.34m
(7) Wolverhampton wanderers
Expenditure.     £65.03m
Income:        .     £4.59m
Transfer loss: .  £-60.44m
(8) Brighton
Expenditure.  £62.91m
Income:             £8.55m
Transfer loss: £-54.36m
(9) Manchester united
Expenditure     £74.43m
Income:            £21.02m
Transfer loss:  £-53.42m
Expenditure              £56.03m
Income:                     £10.26m
Transfer loss: .        £-45.77m
(11). Manchester city
Expenditure.  £64.07m
Income:            £22.23m
Transfer loss : £-41.84m
(12) Huddersfield
Expenditure         £44.10m
Income: £10.38m
Transfer loss: £-33.72m
(13) Burnley FC
Expenditure.    £29.70
Income: £18.18m
Transfer loss: £-27.99m
(14) Bournemouth FC
Expenditure.    £46.17m
Income:             £18.18m
Transfer loss: . £-27.99m
(15) Cardiff city
Expenditure.     £27.68m
Income:                  £0
Transfer loss: . £-27.68m
(16) Leicester city
Expenditure.        £103.14m
Income:                 £77.22m
Transfer activity: £-25.92m
(17) Crystal palace
Expenditure.       £9.63m
Income:                £0
Transfer activity: £-9.63m
(18) Tottenham Hotspur FC
No transaction!!!!!
Liverpool FC made the highest  expenses in English premier league in this current campaign.
Do you think this big money spending will help Liverpool FC win EPL this season??.
All the records is correct as of  24th August 2018.