Eden Hazard has decided to suspend knee slide celebration

October 7, 2018 Off By Oha

It was a tough decision, but a decision that Eden Hazard feels he needs to make, especially with Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri tipping him to net 40 goals this season.
The Premier League’s top scorer says he’s ditching the knee-slide celebration to avoid the grazes that appear on his legs as a result.
Hazard has scored seven goals so far this season and celebrated with a knee-slide after two of them. His most recent attempt came after his sublime winning goal against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup.
But speaking to the club’s website, the Belgian says he’s reluctantly decided to bring an end to his favourite celebration.
“Look, you know, the sliding on my knees celebration, I need to stop this,” Hazard said.
“My knees, they are on fire now!
“Sorry for the fans, but no more of this celebration.”

Hazard has netted 96 goals since his arrival at Chelsea in June 2012.
In that time he has recorded 22 knee slides. The most consecutive knee-slide celebrations after goals he’s scored for Chelsea is three.
He followed a goal with a knee-slide three times in each of his first three seasons at the club.
2016/17 was the season where the winger made it something of a trademark celebration for him, taking to the turf after eight of the 17 goals he scored in all competitions.
Despite 17 more goals last season, Hazard seemed to ease off with the celebration, recording just two slides all season in matches against Bournemouth and West Brom.
But he’s decided to pack it in once and for all after his two slides this season saw several grazes appear on his knees.
Time for another celebration, Eden.