Do you know African players in EPL record?

September 13, 2021 Off By Oha
  1. Who was the first African to play in the Premier League?: Peter Ndlovu
  2. Which Premier League African went on to become president of his country?: George Weah
  3. Which of the following Africans has won the Premier League title with more than one club?: Riyad Mahrez
  4. Which of two African players both scored twice on their Premier League debuts?Your answer: Slimani and Mido
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  6. Who is the top-scoring African in Premier League history, with 104 goals?Correct answer: Didier Drogba
  7. Which African has won the most Premier League titles? zCorrect answer: Didier Drogba
  8. Which African has made the most Premier League appearances, with 353?Correct answer: Kolo Toure
  9. Who is the only African to have scored four goals in a Premier League match on two occasions?Correct answer: Yakubu
  10. Who is the leading African for Premier League assists?Correct answer: Didier Drogba
  11. Which African player has scored the most Premier League hat-tricks? Correct answer: Yakubu