Chile beat Argentina again in copa America

June 27, 2016 Off By Oha

Chile beat Argentina 4-2 on penalties, Copa America Final: As it happened

Chile beat Argentina 4-2 on penalties after both teams were goalless at the end of regulation time and extra time.
Copa America Final: Argentina lost 2-4 on penalties to Chile in the final in New Jersey.
After no goals were scored in regulation time and extra time, Chile and Argentina were once again taken to penalties to decide the Copa America final. Once again Chile came out on top in a 4-2 win after Lionel Messi and Lucas Biglia missed their spot kicks.
Argentina vs Chile:
Francisco Silva for Chile and he scores into corner!Chile win 4-2!
Lucas Biglia for Argentina and saved! 3-2
Jean Beausejour for Chile and scores! 3-2
Sergio Aguero for Argentina and scores! 2-2
Charles Aranguiz for Chile and scores! 2-1
Mascherano for Argentina and scores! 1-1
Castillo up next for Chile: He scores! 1-0
Messi first for Argentina: It is missed! 0-0
Chile’s Vidal is up first: It is saved! 0-0
Chile to go first. Romero in goal.
FULL TIME: We’re into penalties once again between these two in the final. Last time Chile won. Can Argentina prevail now?
119′ Final minute of extra time. Chile have the possession but nothing comes off it. PENALTIES!
114′ Free kick for Messi in a dangerous area. Gets a deflection from the wall and it goes over for a corner.
113′ Once again, things getting heated in the middle. Gary Medel in the thick of things with Aguero. But the referee intervenes to quieten both players down.
110′ CHANGE FOR ARGENTINA: Erik Lamela on, Ever Banega off
108′ CHANGE FOR CHILE: Castillo on, Eduardo Vargas off
106′ We’re underway for the second half of extra time.
HALF: No goals yet. But plenty of thrilling action in the first half of extra time. Are we destined for penalties once again between these two?
102′ CHANGE FOR CHILE: Francisco Silva on, Alexis Sanchez off
99′ SAVED! Aguero brings out a superb save from Bravo! Messi with the free kick into the box and Kun gets a flick on into the top corner but it is tipped over by the Chilean goalkeeper. Finally we’re getting some attacking play from both sides!
98′ CLOSE! Vargas header is straight at Romero. Cross from the left and the striker gets a head to it but it is not powerful enough to beat the keeper.
97′ Chile break but for a timely intervention by a sliding Mascherano. Superb tackle! Gets the ball cleanly and no question for any foul whatsoever – even on a night like this!
94′ Kranevitter is booked.
91′ And first half of extra time begins. No changes for either side.
# 30 minutes of extra time about to kick off. Not for the first time…
FULL TIME:  Argentina 0-0 Chile. Nothing to separate the two sides after 90 minutes. Extra time (again)! Reminder of the new rule: Extra substitution allowed in extra time. Argentina can make two changes, Chile three.
90′ Three minutes added on.
90′ In the counter move, Argentina move forward and Messi tries to go all alone. Rides a strong challenge from behind and into the box he takes a shot but it is wide of the target.
89′ CLOSE!! Beausejour with a superb run on the left side of the Argentina box but the cutback while perfect can’t quite find Alexis Sanchez in the centre. Cleared away calmly by the Argentina players
86′ Banega to take the free kick from the right. Good chance for a late winner? But fails to beat the first defender. Pity. The quality ball has been missing from this game.
84′ MISSED! Aguero blazes over! Argentine striker opens up his body to create room but his shot is way over! That was a glorious opportunity for the Manchester City striker.
82′ Something for Chile fans to cheer
80′ Attendance at the MLS Stadium: 82,026
80′ Change for Chile: Fuenzalida goes off for Puch
79′ CLOSE! Vargas strides forward but the angle was way too much to beat Romero. That was Chile’s first shot on target
76′ Sanchez is on the ground writhing in pain after his thigh caught an Argentine players’ knee
73′ Aguero has a go from distance even though there was an unmarked Argentina shirt at the far side of the goal. Maybe that would have been the better option.
70′ Chile the more cohesive side now. They are moving with composure and maintaining possession. But, for Argentina, all it needs is one slip by La Roja or one piece of individual brilliance – that can come from multiple outlets – to make the difference. So far, neither coming true.
69′ Yellow card for Aranguiz. He brings down Messi from behind
68′ Kun Aguero readies to come on for the Albiceleste and he replaces Higuain
64′ Glorious chance for Chile to get the opener but it has been squandered by an offside. 4-on-3 move develops and it is slowed down in the final third before Isla plays a cross into the box from which Sanchez is offside.
63′ Messi with a sublime run down the right flank. The ball as if glued to his left foot. Before he could get in a cross though, or do anything else that magicians do, it is turned away for a corner.
58′ Bravo goes down on the deck clutching his back. Bit of a hefty challenge as the keeper collected an aerial delivery but no harm done.
56′ Isla has a shot from distance for Chile but the shot is well wide of the target. Looked promising for a moment but the shot lacked the accuracy
55′ Kranevitter looks set to come on for Argentina. And he comes on for Di Maria
53′ Lionel Messi is brought down and once again Argentina players surround the referee. No booking for a change. The ensuing free kick results in the ball coming to Higuain at the edge of the box but ‘Pipita’s swivel and left footed shot is way over the target.
52′ Yellow card to Jean Beausejour
50′ Chile with a good start to the second half. Vargas goes near but it is blocked by an Albiceleste player
46′ Second half underway!
HALF TIME! It is Argentina 0-0 Chile at the break. Argentina have gone closest to scoring but the first half has been dominated by two red cards to a player of both teams. Marcelo Diaz was sent off for Chile with Marcos Rojo sent off later for Argentina.
45′ Five minutes added on in the first half. Maybe a fair count what with all the ‘injuries’ and the two red cards.
42′ RED CARD! Marcos Rojo is sent off! We’re down to ten-vs-ten. TV replays suggest that was harsh. The Manchester United man got the ball and a bit of Vidal but not enough to warrant a straight red. To be fair, that wasn’t even worthy of a yellow!
41′ Meanwhile, Diana Londono thinks “the red card was total garbage. His foot was on the ball. Refs are babying Messi”. What do you think?
39′ Yellow card for Messi for simulation. Goes down inside the Chilean box looking for a penalty but the referee says no. Chile players surround the referee, as they do in South American football, asking for a booking. And after a quick word, referee obliges. Messi doesn’t look too pleased though.
36′ Booking apiece for Mascherano and Vidal for going at each others’ throats in a bit of argy bargy.
36′ A little stat for you!
33′ Di Maria has a shot from distance but it is easily into Bravo’s hands. The first time shot on a long ball doesn’t have enough in it to worry the Chilean keeper.
32′ Voice for the Argentine supporters growing in volume – as one would expect. Even more so now!
28′ RED CARD! Marcelo Diaz has been sent off!Second booking for the Chilean and the defending champions are down to ten men. He turns his back in front of Messi and blocks movement forward. Messi asks for the card, which is against the rules mind you, and he gets it.
26′ A packed stadium!
23′ CLOSE! Otamendi’s header from a Lionel Messi free kick hits the side netting. Those behind the goal, expectedly, thought it had gone in.
21′ MISS! Higuain misses a one-on-one! Gary Medel gives away the ball cheaply and Higuain latches on and goes raging towards the Chile goal with just Bravo to beat. Higuain increases angle by moving to the right, chips an on-rushing Bravo but his effort is wide of the mark. Medel tries to make amends for his mistake and he smashes into the post. After some treatment, though, he’s back up. Not called the ‘Pitbull’ for nothing!
19′ Di Maria has a go from edge of the box after skipping past two defenders with neat trickery. Creates space but on his weaker right foot, the shot is way over!
18′ Higuain runs down the right flanks and whips in a fierce flat cross but it is turned away first time by a Chilean defender. No Argentine shirt in the box to cause any concern
17′ ON TARGET! Messi is on target for Argentina but not enough venom or placement to beat club teammate Claudio Bravo.
15′ YELLOW CARD! Diaz is booked for bringing down a rampaging Messi
12′ Some concerns about injuries already or at least rash challenges. There’s been Di Maria and Aranguiz and now Javi Vargas
7′ Concerns for Chile already. Aranguiz is down and is getting treatment. However he returns to the pitch after some treatment.
6′ Di Maria is brought down on the left wing and he goes down with a loud squeal.
4′ Alexis Sanchez in some discomfort as he is hacked down. Big concern for Chile if he goes off with an injury.
1′ Ever Banega has an early shot at the Chile goal but it is wide of the target.
1′ We’re underway in New Jersey. Argentina are moving from left to right and Chile from right to left.