Boxing: Mike Tyson’s son showed off some serious speed and power in social media clip

January 7, 2021 Off By Oha

Despite Mike Tyson’s son Miguel Leon not opting for a career in boxing, it appears that the Tyson fighting gene is rife as he displayed some quick hands on the pads. 

In all fairness to Miguel Leon, we can understand why he hasn’t taking up a career in fighting.

Miguel Leon Tyson

When your old man is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time and, to this day, is still the youngest-ever heavyweight champion – those are some big boots to fill. 

Nevertheless, should Miguel Leon ever feel like a sudden career change, at least he knows boxing could be a viable option. 

In a recent Instagram post, Tyson uploaded a pad session of his son which has received an abundance of appreciation from boxing fans. 

“He just started. Not trying to box just trying to stay fit. Morning workouts with the Baddest Dad on the Planet,” Iron Mike captioned the video. 

The post received a wealth of support, with many fans claiming that he should definitely turn to professional fighting. 

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One fan responded: “Without a doubt he can do it, especially with the greatest champ of all time training him. If he goes after it with the same heart and drive Iron Mike did there will be no stopping him.”

Although Tyson himself claimed that his son isn’t interested in fighting, this is certainly one for the future and something for fans to keep a close eye on. 

However, Tyson posted this video in response to Deontay Wilder’s claims that he would have been able to beat a prime Mike Tyson.

Although Tyson responded to this wild claim saying that he disagree with Wilder, the 54-year-old has managed to demonstrate that he’s still relatively sharp. 

In a boxing exhibition, Tyson recently took on Roy Jones Jnr – which resulted in a draw. Nevertheless, the former heavyweight champion still managed to show that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve at his grand age