Best football boots for muddy pitches

November 14, 2019 Off By Oha

When playing on muddy pitches, especially during the winter months when you are more likely to be playing in the rain, you are going to want a pair of Soft Ground football boots. Check out the most popular pairs on the site below:

Muddy Pitch Boots

Now standard on all Nike Elite level soft ground boots, anti-clog technology resists mud, meaning it struggles to stick to the bottom of your boot, improving your traction in difficult pitch conditions. Maybe Elite level players don’t often need it, but on some of those dodgy Sunday morning pitches, this will be a gaming changer in you getting around the park.

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⬆ Does Anti Clog Work?

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What Nike sole for you? ⬆

adidas and Puma currently only offer two types of sole plate, the PRO version which includes a combination of changeable metal studs and fixed plastic studs, the cheaper versions of soleplates, included only six changeable metal studs, rather than the mixed sole option perferred by pros. Best astro turf boot that help you play

Whilst that pro set up is ideal for quality pitches, you may find a six stud combination works best on the average Sunday league pitch.

If remember the good days of enyimba football club of Aba. They easily win any match if it rain. This happened because they use best football muddy pitches boots.

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