Benzema’s options for playing with Algeria

November 21, 2019 Off By Oha

The French striker tired of his national team

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Benzema’s options for playing with Algeria

Throughout this weekend a conflict jumped over the French football federation, since Karim Benzema’s theme has come back to the fore. Noël Le Graët , president of the French federation, buried any option to return from Madrid. ” Karim BenzemaHe is a very good player, I never questioned his qualities. He is one of the best players in his position. But the adventure with France is over, “he said bluntly on Radio Montecarlo on Saturday. A relationship that seems to have no option to reconcile. Karim Benzema immediately challenged Noël Le Graët, after he closed it, again, the doors of the national team. “I and only I will end my international career. If you think I’m done, let me play in one of the countries for which I am eligible and we’ll see. “That selection referred to by the Real Madrid player is Algeria, country of his parents (they were immigrants who arrived in France from there). In principle, if a player has played an official match with one team, he cannot do so with another. However, the FIFA Statutes contemplate a possibility in Article 8.2: “In accordance with the provisions of article 5, section 2, that player who, by decision of a state authority, loses definitively, without his or her consent or against his will the nationality of the country for which he has played an international party, may request authorization to play with another federation of which he possesses or adopts the nationality. “

That is, in the case of Benzema, it would be the French State that would have to take Benzema’s nationality, against his will, so that he could play with Algeria, not that Benzema requested the change. In the event that the French country decided to leave him without nationality, the Madrid player must initiate a series of steps before FIFA, according to article 8.3: “In accordance with sections 1 and 2 of this article, the player who wishes to exercise The right to change the federation must submit a duly substantiated written request to the FIFA General Secretariat. The Statute Commission will make a decision on that request. ”A very complicated process that does not seem to lead to out. However, Karim is very tired of this situation and does not rule out doing his best to play with the African team. Who knows if Benzema will share costumes withRyad Mahrez, Feghouli or Aïssa Mandi, among others.