Barcelona to sue Neymar to court

FC Barcelona has concluded plan to sue Neymar for bleach of contract.
Barcelona is requesting Neymar to return€ 8.5 millions paid to him after he renewed his contract last year. Barcelona is also demanding for return of bonus paid to Neymar.
They also requesting for 10℅ of undisclosed amount paid to Neymar.
In Neymar’s part , he is demanding for €26 millions due to him that Barcelona refused to pay.
Barcelona revealed that they began legal action by presenting a demand at court in Barcelona on 11 August and announced that they have also formally brought the case to the attention of the Spanish Football Federation so that it can be passed on to the French Football Federation and to Fifa. The announcement comes after Neymar criticised Barcelona’s board at the weekend, insisting that he was not happy with them and that they “should not be there”.
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