Bad behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo continues

December 3, 2019 Off By Oha

Bad behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo continues

OPINION / The Portuguese again did not attend a gala in which he is not rewarded as the child who gets angry and does not breathe

The terrible behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo "Photo: FCB News" continues
Cristiano Ronaldo

The terrible behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo “Photo: FCB News” continues

The years continue and the Portuguese does not learn. In fact, I could spend a lifetime that I wouldn’t learn. Cristiano Ronaldo is a good footballer with an innate competitive gene, but he doesn’t know how to lose. In his vital philosophy he seems to have implanted the premise of not attending any gala in which he will not be awarded and is sadly fulfilling it. Modric himself gave a lesson to the Portuguese by giving Leo Messi his sixth Golden Ball and then he finished confirming it in front of the microphones. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister angry with virgil van Dijk

“When you don’t win, you have to be there to show respect. This is football. I am here to celebrate football. I have given him the prize and congratulated him. I’m happy to be here. It may be a good tradition for the winner to come each year to deliver the award to the new winner. We are rivals but first of all there is respect. You have to enjoy football like other sports, always reigning respect, ”said the Croatian of Real Madrid .

As expected, Cristiano would not see live as Leo picked up his sixth Golden Ball and surpassed himself. A born winner who does not conceive defeat, but who does not respect it either. Neither her, nor the player or club that gets it. Unfortunately, the values ​​of hypocrisy, pride, lack of humility, lack of simplicity and ego, are still very present in the attitude of the player of the Juventus of Turin .