After lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo he scored against Udinese

October 6, 2018 Off By Oha

UDINE, Italy — Cristiano Ronaldo’s form doesn’t appear affected by a lawsuit accusing him of rape.
Ronaldo scored Juventus’ second goal in a 2-0 win at Udinese to extend the Bianconeri’s perfect start in Serie A on Saturday.
Shortly before the break, Ronaldo blasted a powerful shot from 10 yards past Udinese goalkeeper Simone Scuffet.
Immediately after scoring, Ronaldo signaled for his teammates to give him some space so he could go celebrate in front of a TV camera, leaping into the air with an emphatic double fist pump.
The goal was met by a mix of applause and boos inside Dacia Arena.
Kathryn Mayorga filed a civil lawsuit last week in Nevada saying she was raped by Ronaldo in Las Vegas in 2009. Police have also re-opened an investigation. Ronaldo has denied the accusation.
Rodrigo Betancur gave Juventus the lead four minutes earlier with a header that was confirmed by the VAR due to a possible offside.
Ronaldo also was involved in several other chances, using his trademark step-over moves to befuddle defenders.
Also, Juve’s Joao Cancelo hit the crossbar in the closing minutes.
Juventus moved nine points clear of Napoli, which hosts Sassuolo on Sunday.
Earlier, Cagliari beat Bologna 2-0 with goals from Joao Pedro and Leonardo Pavoletti.