Advise to mourinho from Manchester united fan

Is Jose Mourinho still the right manager for Manchester United ‘at this time?’ He failed at Chelsea & tends to only stay 3 years at a club. Is that the United way? How does his performance compare with Moyes & LVG?

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Answered Fri
Yes, he is still the right man for Manchester United.
But this is what needs to happen. Someone needs to go knock on his door. Ed Woodward maybe (probably won’t be listened to) or Sir Alex (probably would be) and say the following:
“Jose, please, stop the moaning and complaining. We are Manchester United, we are never going to get sympathy. No one cares about refereeing decisions, fixture congestion or anything else. We are one of the biggest clubs in the world”
“Just stay quiet, stay above it. Remind everyone we are second. Remind everyone how we started the season with swagger”
“Tell everyone we are going to fight until it is mathematically impossible. That we are commited to the Champions League.”
“Stop criticising the players. You were known in the early of your career as the players manager. Yes, the squad at Real and in your last year at Chelsea stabbed you in the back. Be bigger than them. Nurture the talented squad you have at United. Absorb the pressure, don’t dish it out.”
“Understand and remember you are one of the greatest managers in history. But remember why. Don’t try to pass the blame”
“If you can’t do any of the above best of luck with PSG!”

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