Adriano accused of fraud

Adriano Correia / FCBarcelonanoticias
The Prosecutor of Barcelona of decided denounce the versatile defender of FC Barcelona ,Adriano Correia , for an alleged crime of fraud to the Treasury. Brazil thus joins Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Neymar Jr in the various investigations that have made ​​the authorities of our country. It is the first time that Adriano Correia is being investigated by the Justice and now the prosecution of Barcelona which you accused of an alleged crime of fraud worth700,000 euros , similar to what was his teammate Javier Mascherano and he finally had to negotiate to only have uqe pay a heavy fine and so avoid jail time . The events date back to 2010, when the player left the Sevilla to sign for the club and would have given his image rights worth two million euros a ghost with tax residence in Madeira company, which is often used to pay less taxes.the problem, and the same thing happened to Mascherano and Xabi Alonso, it is that the company had no real activity that is considered to be a shell company used only to pay less tax. The first who investigated was the Tax Office, who noted that crime had passed the case to the Prosecutor of Barcelona. We’ll see where it ends the case of Adriano Correia and if the solution is to pay a substantial fine.
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