Adam Peaty breaks his own world record again in golden Olympic

Peaty delivers first gold of 2016 Games for Great Britain in 100m breaststroke breaking his own record for second time in two days
 British swimmers,Adam Peaty celebrates after winning gold in the 100m breaststroke in a new world record time.
Call him the sure thing. Adam Peaty won Great Britain’s first gold medal of these Games with an astonishing performance at the Aquatics Stadium. He did it in a world record time of 57.13sec, a full four tenths of second better than his record mark in the heats earlier in the week. In second place was a long stretch of water, and after that South Africa’s Cameron van der Burgh and then the USA’s Cody Miller.
Peaty’s was the first victory for a male British swimmer since Adrian Moorhouse won this same event back in 1988. And incredible as it seems to everyone who watched Britain’s men’s team swim in the six Games there have been since, it never felt in doubt. Before the race Peaty was 100-1 on with the bookmakers. And once he had taken the lead after 25m, his victory was a little less certain than death, and a touch more than taxes.
You must have read or heard it said that the young don’t feel fear because they haven’t learned what it’s like to lose. Like a lot of the platitudes in this business, you don’t have to think too long or too hard to spot that it’s a lot of rot, that often as not they’ve even more to worry about than everyone else. Which is why we also wax on about the inexperience of youth, and the nerves you feel when you’re making your debut.
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