About Us

`The desire to assist Nigerian youths in enhancing their standard of living inspired the founding of footballnews with the goal of disseminating important information regarding loans, loan apps in Nigeria, loans, loans from banks, and credit loans. The purpose of the loans provided by the financial institution is to help businesses become more successful so that their owners can make a living off of their companies.

The blog came into existence out of passion and love to help the Nigerian Youth that is unemployed and who spent a lot of money to study at the University and Polytechnic but have no job. They’re a lot of job vacancies but if they don’t get informed there is no how they could know. Recruitment like Npower, NPC, Nigeria Civil Defense, Nigeria Polic Recruitments, etc are Jobs Unemployed graduate loves to do but requires very high connections.

My Names are Obaoye Adekunle John, I am from Kwara state Nigeria, I studied Statistics at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. Am a Blogger, Google Publisher, and Web Designer, I am also into CCTV and Car Tracking.

The blog footballnews came to being today 10th, June 2022. We won’t stop educating and informing Nigerians how the latest Job Vacancies, How they can take the convenient loans, loan apps, and loan websites. If your youth and yet to be employed you can be empowered by taking a loan and starting a business. Though business startup requires Skill, Money, and Dedication we will do our best to help you guys and address the aforementioned.

I can stop loving you guys, see you at the top, much love, regards, and respect.

In the year 2022, the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria approved, registered, and licensed the company that would later be known as footballnews.

Oha is the CEO of footballnews. He is a graduate of a reputable university in Nigeria and is skilled in website design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. He has a strong interest in blogging, particularly when it comes to the provision of authentic information for the empowerment of young people.

Always make sure to visit footballnews to receive the most recent and accurate information regarding Loans, Recruitment, Jobs, and a great deal more. You are more than welcome to come aboard; we are ecstatic and overjoyed to have you here with us. We ask that you enjoy your time here and wish you successful web browsing.